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    [Paypal/RSGP] 90CB Account Cheap!soldddddddddddSelling level 83 Pure with addy gloves for rsgpHey guys im here to sell my level 83 pure for some rsgp towards my zerker. right now my autowin is set at 30M My is [email protected] Pics : still sellingVery Cheap! Seling Gravite Pure With 65k Tokens(potential Chaotic Pure) [paypal Only]~~ (RSGP-SWAPS) 70/50/70 !!BOXER!! which murders and is a fast money maker~~~as the title stats what i have for sale is a 70/50/70 boxer which rapes its lvls this account will come with what is pictured in the following pictures. Rsgp which im not gonna have an a/w so offer away. Only swaps i am interested in is mainly rushers like g maul rushers. Or low def dragon scim/dds. High mage with dt done is a must also if its dragon pure must have mm done. let me know what you have here or send me a pm!95m 2 Spendpost away[RSGP] 81 GS Pure - Fire cape - Addy Gloves - Good stats - 3 DefenceI'm selling my godsword pure, it has no cash, but i may sell some GP if you want to buy aswell. A/w 35$ I will not take accounts. Post offers & Questions if you have any. If you're serious about buying the account add my ; [email protected][SWAP] 67 Hybrid [50 atk/81 str/ 84 range/ 85 mage][Addy Glvs/ MM & DT Done][SWAP]Looking to swap this lvl 67 Hybrid. Account has: - DT/MM/Animal Magnetism Done -Addy Gloves -Fist of Guthix Spell usable outside arena Here Are Pics: I know i might seem untrusted but im more than willing to use an OMM but you pay the fees . I'm looking for to swap this account for a high level Main. Please post offers below. Cheers.Selling lvl 89 Zerker|99str|99mage|90range|bgloves|venganceRecently i decided to sell my zerker that was just layin around because i want to make my lower level account a turmoil pure and yeah i know theres alot of good zerks out there but this one is actually really decent has rfd,lunar,desert treasure,ardy cape,AND has defender of varrock done so you would be able to do get turmoil without leveling the defence level.... all quests a good zerk would need tbh. I Am the original owner of this acc and will supply you with the original information like passwords,date created. -RULES OF TRADE- I WILL NOT GO 1ST. MM WILL BE USED IF U PAY ONLY WILL TRADE IF UR TRUSTED Post on topic how much u will offer before you hit my up [email protected] A/W = 90m Edit: Sorry i did a typo the account is lvl 98 =/
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