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    Buying 60att/99str/1def/45pray/99range/99mage pureHi guys, I'm looking for a pure with those stats: att 60 str 99 def 1 pray 45/52 range 99 magic 99 Recovery test must be done before buying. Let me know if you have an account like this. POST BELOW (YOUR ACC-THREAD OR THE STATS) BEFORE YOU ADD ME ON PLEASE. Tell me in your post how much RSGP u want for it. My only is: [email protected] Thanks.[RSGP][Paypal] Jacko50's Account Shop [Cheap][Swaps]NOTICE: all trades will be done using an MM/OMM. I will not trade with newcomers because in my experience they scam 99% of the time. no spam. Hi, i am looking to sell these accounts for Paypal only now. I am selling these accounts because i am bored of runescape, and i have a motorbike now (suzuki gs500f) that needs petrol ! No longer accepting swaps. EDIT: I HAVE QUIT RUNESCAPE NOW. I AM LOOKING TO SELL THEM CHEAP AND FAST. Account 1: Original owner, trained by only me. Original name (never changed). Done animal magnetism, good pker. no longer has 4m. only 1m now. Bank + combat. Login. Stats. Account 2: 99 Woodcutting, High theiving for sorc garden. Great pker. Great skiller. 3 Letter name (RARE!!!!) Bank + combat. Login. Stats. Account 3: Original owner, Original name. Done DT, Roving elves, MM and many more! Great main. No wealth. Login. Stats. Account 4: Great F2P account PKER. a bit of cash/pk gear, great range/2h pure. Login. Stats + Wealth. Post your offers here. or pm me. or add my (in sig). thank you.CB lvl 67 zerker pure starterHey guys im selling this account on the the fact that i dont play it anymore and havent for a while, The quest done are of our standard pures like animal magnetism and Lost city. im will to take offers of RSGP only, if intrested please contact me on . [email protected] If the image doesn't show please follow this link:[RSGP] 94 mage, DT done! [Fully quested] [1 defence!] ( 1 2)This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws. Quests, bank, stats etc below. No swaps. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:((( RSGP ))) (( QUITTING )) ..:: SellinG KooL MaiN ::.. ((( RSGP ))) (( QUITTING ))You have 3 options: 1) Either you go first. 2) We use a /OMM at your expense. 3) I go first if I redeem that you are trusted/have enough vouches. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Selling this KOOL main since I'm quitting. No recoveries. Will supply recovery Info. Stats below. Has no cash on it. I can verify the account in game. Post offers below. No spammers please. Thankyou! ____________________________ STATS: LOG-IN SCREEN: MY EMAIL: [email protected][RSGP] Selling Morrigan's Jav. Staker 63 cbIm selling my Morrigan's jav staker to fund my zerker. Im the origional owner/creator of the account, no recoveries or email have been registered previously. I will not go first to anyone I do not deem trustworthy. I will use a MM at your cost. Im only accepting RSGP there is no set price and any reasonable offer will be considered, please post offer's and contact email's in this thread.[RSGP] LOOKING for a chaotic pure [RSGP]Hi all, I'm looking for a chaotic pure. With those stats: Att 80 Str 99 Def 1 !! Range 70+ Mage 94+ Dung: 80+ and DT must be done. If you have an account like this, leave below your post and a link to your thread (if you have that). Let me also know how much RSGP u want for it. Thanks..* 25 Def 75 Att - Beast Pure! *I will be selling a 'Big Boy' pure account. perfect for doing clan playerup, pking in the wilderness owning them noobs! i am the original owner of this account it is fully quested for a 25 def 75 att pure, its done the following main quests: Elemental workshop 1+2, Animal magnetism, Desert treasure, death plateu, rune gloves from RFD, monkey madness, lost citt, ect... Pm me or comment offers thanks! i have other pictures if needed
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