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    Account SaleHi, I'm selling three of my RS accounts, as I just started a new project, and I need the money to do it. I will not go first if not extremely trusted 50+ vouches!! Here are the stats: Main account: 88 strength, 71 attack, 70 defence, 50 range, 64 mage, no no other stats worth mentioning; it has a dharok set on it, and some other stuff. 90 COMBAt Turmoil barrows pure: It's 82 attack, 99 strength, 70 defence, 95 prayer, 76 range, 95 magic, 81 summoning (charms for 86), 86 smithing, 86 slayer, all the stats are 60+, but not worth mentioning. NOTICE it has 308/324 quest points with only 70 defence. It has a dharok helm on it, that's pretty much it. 110+10 COMBAT Range pure: 93 range, 45 defence, 50 strength, 42 attack, 58 magic, 99 woodcutting, 86 fishing, 70 cooking and firemaking, 56 fletching, and about 2M worth on it. 82 COMBAT PM ME IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES Payment: Preferrably RSGP, PayPal will be considered. Barrows turmoil: i56.tinypic/2zrq1qw.png i55.tinypic/2qbdgky.png i54.tinypic/1om8mb.png i53.tinypic/90wt9t.png i55.tinypic/oj36ty.png Low level main: i54.tinypic/2j2ywxi.png i54.tinypic/2ile9sp.png i51.tinypic/2rqg1ux.png Ranger: i51.tinypic/k1xdtl.png i54.tinypic/69i0d4.png i53.tinypic/m8l6hv.png[PayPal only]Selling pure[Str 99, Def 1]Im selling my runescape accounts, because i have quit playing. Im the first user of this account. Made it all by myself. I will no go first(or maybe some trusted player) i'm fine with MM, if buyer pays. Yes, i know that recoveries are on, i dont remember them anyways, i just need some money for Battlefield 3:p I dont care about runescape anymore, if no1 buy's im gonna sell it to usfine or gold4rs. So hurry and get good account with good price. Some pictures: Contact on : [email protected] Paypal and moneybookers are accepted. If you want i can sell also ~20m RSGP with low price. Price : Starting price is 20 euros{rsgp,paypal} maxed 1def 1 pray 40 att pureit has email and recoveries but i will take them off when i find a serious buyer perfect staking pure btw email> [email protected] pm me here or on u choose sythe/showthread.php?t=11...ighlight=fawaz[RSGP/SWAP] Staking Pure Lv 64, 94hp, 84 range!A/W - 115$ RSGP - .4/M If swapping, I would like more of a PK'ing pure, or a Good Turmoil/Zerker account. This account does still have the 200K tokens, so if you were wishing to buy a rapier, or w/e item, you still have 200K tokens. I will not go first, unless you seem trusted. I am the owner, and I will give you all the creation information when you buy the account.Selling level 70 str pure 1 def 99 theivingSELLING LEVEL 70 STR PURE!! A/W: 60M CURRENT BID : N/A COMES WITH EVERYTHING SEEN BELOW ADD MY FOR MORE INFO [email protected][Selling 90dung Pure (200k tokens left) + gravite +mith gloves+membership till Nov:[email protected] A/W:35Mil / will do recovery test (You) pay fees (NOT TAKING ACCOUNT SWAPS) Lvl 63 85 dung accountI realize I am new to sythe, so an MM will be used or if trusted I will go first. The A/W is set at 50m Uploaded with The bank has no value to it, so I did not see a need to post a picture. This account is not quested. (Edit, added tokens)StockMyBillions [Pure/Skiller/Main] Account ShopAccount Stock : 0
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