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    Selling F2P Range/2h Pure [40 ATT / 70 STR / 1 DEF / 76 RANGED / 1 PRAYER]The combat level is 54. Accepting only PayPal. Highest offer wins. You go first or we'll use OMM at your expense. Stats:-~# 2bagamers 99 Thieving Accounts with 50M+ !!! CHEAP #~- ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Welcome. Accounts Available: 3 Rules: NO RSGP OFFERS THANKS Paypal Gift is the only method of payment i will accept, NO SWAPS ( ALL offers of swaps will be considered a free bump ). Either you first or your paying for omm we agree on or a free MM of my choice. Please PM me/Post on this thread saying you have added my and what you is. Must include in a note on paypal on purchase: "Paying For A Virtual item i have already received and am happy with, i will not charge back or dispute this payment in any way." Now the accounts Account 22: FOR SALE 30$ Account 21: FOR SALE 30$ Account 20: FOR SALE 30$ PREVIOUSLY SOLD ACCOUNTS Account 19: SOLD to korrupt_Kreed Quote: Originally Posted by korrupt_Kreed UBAH vouch for 2b, bought an account from him. I went first, proper trustworthy!! o/ Account 18: SOLD to Vorarg Quote: Originally Posted by Vorarg Vouch for 2bagamer, paid for account via paypal, gave info about 2 minutes later when he received payment, very fast, thanks! Account 17: SOLD to 0mfg R4ng Quote: Originally Posted by 0mfg r4ng Vouch for 2bagamer, I went first, he gave info swiftly after, pretty good guy Account 16: SOLD to xzMaFiAzx Quote: Originally Posted by xzMaFiAzx Vouch for 2bagamer - Very good guy, paid 70$ for Account #16 I went first, he is completely trustworthy and fast. Account 15: SOLD to Dave J Quote: Originally Posted by Dave J Bought acc #15 for 32 usd i went first. vouch Account 14: SOLD to UrcoolYo Quote: Originally Posted by UrcoolYo Vouch for 2bagamer, bought an account from him for $35! Great guy. Account 13: SOLD to Buzuka666 Quote: Originally Posted by Buzuka666 Bigg vouch for 2bagamer! sold me account 13 and went fast and was all good! gave me all info great guy highly recommended !! thanks again!! Account 12: SOLD to Monster. Quote: Originally Posted by Monster. Vouch for 2bagamer, Trusted, Bought an acc from him for $60, I went first, No problems at all. Thanks Account 11: SOLD to goins Quote: Originally Posted by goins Vouch for 2bargamer bought a lvl 97 thieving account off him i went first fast and very nice guy he answered all my questions and gave me everything i needed. Will be buying more from him! Account 10: SOLD to Squedbob Quote: Originally Posted by squedbob I went first quick easy trade would defo deal with again :d Account 9: SOLD to ollie b Quote: Originally Posted by ollie b Bought the account, smooth transaction and very nice guy to talk with. Vouch for him :) Account 8: SOLD to XxJamiexX Quote: Originally Posted by XxJamiexX Heyy i just brought that amazying skiller ever!!! VERY VERY quick and easy process thanks man!! rsgp.selling pureyea well im selling my pure lvl 63 i think he has 74mag 54range 58att 70str but sadly he has 14/16 def and notable skills are 50firemaking 50+thieving if you need proof please pm me and i also have a main lvl 82 70 str 68att 60def 60+range and the reason i am selling this one is becuz it got hacked lost 11m but i have changed the password and the bank pin is coming in in 3days i accept rsgp and i would also like to trade for a pure pm me if interested and if u want proofSelling hybird with 82 magic 99 firemaking [RSGP]Combat 57 Stats: Bank: Recoveries:[RSGP] Selling STARTER Obby Mauler! [RSGP]~~~EMAIL IS A FAKE~~~ S/B: 2m A/W: 7m HAPPY BIDDINGPoll: SELLING A LVL 22... offer cash PAYPAL!! LOOK IN DESCRIPTION FOR ITS SKILL LVLS!!!!!40 Prayer 24 Attack 15 Strength 19 Constitution 58 Fishing 77 COOKING 4 MINING TOTAL lvl 225 Combat 22 all other lvls are lvl 1... its a great start for a prayer attk str pureee with good fishing and cooking... Fishing is very profitable... Like VERY profitable... Want better lvls or looking for certain accounts... You can request it buy sending me an email at [email protected] Thanks.... btw i have way better accounts than this ... such as my lvl 104 ... lvl 80 and gmaul pure and range pures ... so OFFER for this one... and request others if you dont want this one... thanks!!!
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