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    Buying Pure Ranger [RSGP]Looking for a pure range account with atleast 60 range. I can give you 3m + a 47 combat STAKER account with 70 def and 47 range and it has membership left on it. I'll give you more information and we will use a MM so PM me.Buying summon tank or range tank look at this pure!!Ok, so im looking for a range tank i have this sweet pure to offer. he has mith gloves has reqs for addies. he can use mind body, mind shield ect. has dt completed. in the clan he is in hes ranked captain and they pretty much dominate world 124 so hes quite well known. one of the most versatile pures you could get with the stats being balanced. has recovs set does not have email, im not sure how to remove recovs so with some help i could. Ill use MM/OMM at your expense and yeah that pretty much finals it. [email protected][Request] skiller level 3I'd like a skiller, i'd really like someone to make me a skiller. If they can make me one i'd give them a account of mine. ill post pic of stats. i'd like this account handmade or botted either one i will still give you the account. If you bot the skills, i will wait 2 weeks before i give you the account. Skills i'd want... 70+ fishing 70+ cooking 60+ wc 60+ fm 70+ mining 50+ smithing 35+ rc heres the account ://postimage/image/nn5k1xff1/[RSGP] Selling lvl 49 Range/2h pure 1 def/pray [RSGP]Selling my old f2p range/2h pure as I no longer play Runescape. I will not being going first to untrusted members, but if I feel you are trusted i will go first. Auto win of 10m Add my to talk details: [email protected] Thanks.Selling Ultimate Staker!!!!!!!!!!!thats my STAKER RAWR! 10m for it and its yo~ Buying all Skillers ~Hi, im buying all decent skillers, the skills don't have to be like 90 plus but they can be 60 or higher as im not looking to spend that much. Will only go fist if your trusted. Please add my [email protected] Or comment below ThanksBuying Skiller/Pure/Account for 10mLooking for a skillet or pure I can get with 10m.. post all offers as I will take a look. Thank-you.[200+Vouch][50$+Donor]Selling 10hp 82mage with 2x 99's [CHEAP][RSGP]My BOTTED 10hp pure. 82 mage, 99 theiving and FM, brilliant if you want to make it low hp mage pure, or keep as a 10hp. Has 60+ farming and mining, decent acc. Comes with password, I've forgotten the email which I registered with (was a long time ago), and I've set new recoveries, which are active in 14days. Taking offers CURRENT - 20M - Hasy A/W - 40M Thanks I_D_B
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