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    Level 55 f2p @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Hai der this is my first acc selling, I currently do not use the account anymore so i am wishing to sell it. The levels are There is no black marks or mute on the account. Happy bidding * the account does have recovs and bank pin but i can give you them over private messageLevel 57 Rich 1 Def G Mauler With Mith Gloves, 76 Str, 80 Mage [email protected]! (PP)Hi im selling this 1 defence g mauler, the 50 attack has been quested, its 1 pray with mith gloves! also has 80 mage owns with poly staff or arena spells, is 20k off 77 str .gets epic ko's at such a low level. (57) this is a real pure not them sw prods with fail hp account has around 52m, can make more with mining which was not botted i am only looking for PAYPAL please do not offer me swaps or RSGP. my - [email protected] AUTO WIN IS £45[28 Days Members left]Selling/Trading CB 47 with 70 Defence [ Great for Staking! ]Selling a low level 47 Combat Defence Pure or Trading. For trade I am looking for a Low level Dbower, or a low level gmauler! For RSGP Autowin is 10M. We WILL use a , Either a free MM or you pay for one.[Buying] Some sort of balanced main/skillerReally just looking for a money maker with decent combat stats. I got scammed in my last attempt to buy an Willing to go first if trustworthy seller with lots of vouches =/ Anyways, provide screenshots or whatever you can. Can spend up to both 40m RSGP and $40 paypal total. EDIT: Okay maybe I wasn't specific enough the first time XD I would like an account that has good money making capacity, namely a skill that I can afk, like fishing/cooking or wc/fletch, prefered if paired, would like the skills to be at least 90+, MUCH prefered if it has at least a little bit of fighting skills too =PBuying RANGE PURE ACCOUNT!Spending up to 5m on a pure range account. Needs at least 60 range, don't care about wealth. We will use a MM. I can also swap for this account. It has membership left on it.Buying Dung Mule! 85+ Dung!Title. Looking for it to have ~350k tokens and be low(er) level. Reply with pictures/threads and 's.80 range 1 def pure,(rsgp/swaps)selling my 80 range 1 def pure rapes in wilderness p2p with d bow lol im only willing to swap for a g mauler or ddser, maybe a really nice main. looking for some rsgp too so offer Uploaded with[RSGP] 99 mine, 99 hunt and Jester HatsSOLD!!!!! offers?
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