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    [RSGP] Old Low Level Staker {DEAD}Hey guys selling an old , Bandos / Whip Staker. Its been dead in the water for years since i quit. But since im maxing my Turmoil Pure now iv'e come back. Im accepting RSGP / FrostDragon Bones. Tbh , Its Ravages Most Melee Pures Or range pures. If i recall it was 361 Range Def bonus when geared. Been so long i cant remember. Quested Up until addy gloves. Cant get rune because of pray. Uploaded with No recoveries or bank pin , NO Black Marks. Uploaded with stats ofc. Uploaded with whatevers left in the bank. Just hit me up with offers. im NOT going first. Been here long enough Trade methods are :: YOU GO FIRST or YOU PAY FOR OMM Only '1' Password EVER used. No email address Used , No Recoveries Ever set , Membership type was SURFPIN Via Phone.[rsgp]BEAST level 53 with 99 magic/99fletching [rsgp]before we start i am the only original owner of this account has 'no black marks' as you can see,its level 53 with 99 magic and 99fletching it has NO RECOVRIES OR EMAIL!AND NO BLACK MARKS i never botted on it it has also 15exp in fletching =] (not the normal 13m) i got all informations about this account and willing to provide them toi the buyer add me on [email protected] after posting here if you have a good offer A/W:25m STarting bid:20m yes i know im selling for a low really in hurry and i wonna start working on my zerker so.. start bidding[RSGP] Selling Level 61 Pure! Still P2P!Hey guys, I have a level 61 Pure I am selling for RSGP only. A/W is 12m. I will PM you with my then we will trade. I won't go first unless your very trusted.79 CB F2P - Rapier pure - 88 dung! 91 mage, 80 att, 87 str, 52 pray! ( 1 2)Pm me on Sythe for information or Contact me via : [email protected] Accepting RSGP only - this is a bid This account has Desert Treasure finished This account has no mutes or bans at the moment :) On purchase of account we will follow this method of payment: The MM we use will take 100% of payment and account details. The MM will then perform a recovery check on the account. After purchase of account the MM will transfer account details to you, after you have confirmed that you have changed the password 50% of the payment will be transferred to me. Two weeks after setting of new recoveries the other 50% of payment will be transferred to me. Highest bid: 60m Thankyou, Fraser :) Account now has thieving: 61 agility: 48 firemaking: 56 cooking: 59selling REALLY GOOD RS ACCOUNT LVL 97 5m in gold[​IMG]Im selling my RS account. It still has membership on it. I just got tired of the game. If you would like photos of stats lvl and his bank let me know and ill send you pictures. im looking for atleast $60-$100 for it do to the time i put into him and his stats. Heres a list of some of his really good stats. Attack:77 Strength:83 Defence:74 Range:74 Prayer:51 Magic:77 Runecrafting:25 Construction:50 Dungeoneering:1 Hitpoints:81 Agility:45 Herblore:45 Theiving:54 Crafting:61 Fletching:71 Slayer:58 Hunting:66 Mining:64 Smithing:53 Fishing:73 Cooking:73 Firemaking:61 Woodcutting:69 Farming:39 Summoning:1 Total Level:1429 Those are his stats at this moment. Right now he has 3 million in actual gold, plus hes got alot more worth in items including a Dragon Hatchet. Im also open to trades. Either get ahold of me on here by posting below or private messege me. You can also contact me on my messenger or by texting me. [email protected] or 231-392-2551. Dont call me, i dont answer to phone numbers i dont reconize, so only text me and say why your texting me. Thank You for looking at my add and have a good day. -WadeZerker Pure 93 Str 63m [swap][rsgp] ( 1 2)Hey guys, Jimbokid here with a great zerker pure. no offences and a month of membership. I've been around sythe since about 2008 so im not going to be scammed that easily. we will use and MM or you can go first unless you are trusted. Heres pics. My is [email protected] THANKS GUYS EDIT: OH YEAH 91 CB WITH SUMMONING 90+1 WITHOUT$$Selling nearly MAXED PURE - CB 75 - 1 DEF$$Selling my combat 75, 1 defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP for my main. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All recommended quests are completed, including addy gloves. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. Stats: s1117.photobucket/albums/...nt=pure3-1.png UPDATE: 96 RANGE, 87 HP No recovery or email: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure1-1.png Quested items: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure2-1.png PM, POST, or [email protected] zerker 99 str + mining!!!So i am selling my zerker for RSGP ONLY. No bans, and still has members for around 20 days. I know this is my first post, but we can use OMM to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here are some pictures. I am asking upwards of 60m rsgp. Post offers here
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