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    Buying any acc with 94 lvl 61 with 99agilty Swap for pure or rsgp only!Sold To Adrian Ochoa, Very Trsuted!Selling Failed Zerker/Starter Mainhey guys, im here selling this account it has 99 thieving/97 agility, and 90 mining, has 82 strength, and 70 farming as well, those are pretty much the highlights of the account, so if you want to purchase ill be selling for RSGP, Under No Circumstances Will I Go First (you cant scam me just because im a newcomer) you can pay for an omm. so heres some pics =D - Stats & Wealth - login recoverys/email will be given upon purchase (email will be switched to yours) im willing to do a recovery test, but your paying for the omm fees[RSGP or PAYPAL] SELLING LVL 86+8 PUREDone with my pure, starting back on my Sum Tank and now I want to get bandos on it XD. He has a fircape, all 3 runecrafter robes, FULLY quested with addy gloves. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE TRUSTED. :A/W 60M or $65: ~AUTOWIN NOW 60M~ Stats: Stuff: (The spiked hat is Tier 3 Duelist Hat)Looking for quested pure with 94 magicI am looking for a pure that has 94+ magic 60+ attack 80+ str 80+ ranged and is fully quested with gloves dt done mm done etc and dont bother posting if you joined 1 month ago as i would refuse to buy an acc from you i prefer buying from a trusted member of sythe or staff/mods but if you have a decent amount of vouches and join date that is cool also so post your accounts and i will see if i like em[Buying] Mage Staker [Rsgp][Trusted Only]Okay guys, yes blah blah blah, im new to sythe, who cares? I will be paying OMM Fees with a recoverie test. Reqs - -80> Hp - 94> Mage - No pray (apart from DT) - 69< Summoning - DT Completed - No Recoveries/Email - Must Be Willing To Do Recoverie Test Using OMM. My - [email protected] - Mitchell_Lawsoncheap f2p zerker for rsgpwant to sell a zerker i made for relatively low just private message me with offer you will have to go first unless trusted then i will go and if you do buy please vouch!!thanks![paypal]{cheap] Amazing Pure 99 Fletch 90 WcNevermind.
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