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    HELP with GOLD4RS! PAYING FOR HELP!Hey dudes, i bought an account off GOLD4RS and it was fine for a day or two and then it got locked and recovered, so i got back on it and all my gear/cash was gone! i paid VIA paypal, anyway i can get a refund? i opened a dispute and they declined a refund! what do i do? if someone helps me get a refund i will send you some money over paypal! or RSGP! wichever! help! is [email protected] add me if you wantttLegit 93 void pure tribrid $rsgp$Start your bidding you guys INSTA WIN=30m Combat Contact me by email:[email protected] or on [email protected] k0ed13itchs in privatemessage thankks~~~~~77 Combat-92 Strength Whip pure!! quitting rs CHEAP PAYPAL!!!!~~~~I Recently got back into runescape about 2 weeks ago and remembered this account. I Realised why i quit Runescape 2 years ago and dont want to play anymore. Im selling my best account i have and i am NOT taking any type of Runescape trade. I will be Accepting paypal. If your not trusted more than me, then i will refuse to go first. If your trusted i will gladly go first. I am just trying to get rid of the account for some extra cash. If you have any questions, feel free to Private Message me here. Thanks. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP]Selling 2 BEAST accs[Will accept mem card;))for both account i will accept rsgp or paypal im selling both account cuz im working on a skiller right now and need money to fund him-Start the bidding Fellow Syth Members acc #1 A/w is 30m acc#2 A/w is 35mSelling Level 61 Pure For RS GP!Selling a level 61 pure its stats are: Attack: 50 Strength: 70 Defence: 1 Range: 77 Prayer: 44 Mage: 50 Constitution: 65 Agility: 21 Crafting: 15 Slayer: 30 Firemaking: 15 Woodcutting: 4 Total Level: 455 The rest of the levels are level 1. The only quest completed is 'Dwarf Cannon' This account is a great Range 2her Pure for Pking! The account has 0GP! Make your offers below on this wonderful RS account!selling these two accounts 8m for both!!!need to sell these accs quick, : [email protected] 1. level 3 skiller, members till 19th sept. Nice name. 2. a level 96 with 99 wc+fletching.Selling two accounts, both for 10m!need to sell these accs quick, dont mind gonig first tbh. 1. level 3 skiller, members till 19th sept. Nice name. 2. a level 96 with 99 wc+fletching. want around 10m for both need quickly!!!!Selling 95+5cb turm zerk rsgpclosed
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