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    Level 12 - Rolled back - Still has Rapier. ( 1 2)Hey guys, just looking for a decent trade of like 10m for this, i know it's nothign special but hey, it is pretty cool. Its level 12 - Still with Rapier and corrupt statius warhammer. Im looking for around 10m - Post your offers from 7m and up thats all ill accept. Cheers ! BUY RIGHT NOW OFFER: First to Pm - 7M - BUY RIGHT NOW. I am the original Owner - Starting bid - 7m AutoWin - 15m Photos: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usWant to buy Gmaul pure [RSGP][SWAP]Looking for a pure with the stats below 50 atk 65+str 1 def 65+magic 1 range 1 prayer I have a f2p rng 2h pure and a 99 main willing to tradePure Shop [Lots of great accounts for Sale] | Accepting RSGP & PaypalPure Shop My one and only : [email protected] (Always ask for a PM) My vouches: :///showthread.php?t=1295427 If you wish to purchase an account, you must fill out the following form: Quote: : Account(s) you are interested in: Amount of payment (RSGP or Paypal): Will you go first or use MM: Accepting RSGP & Paypal. GONEBuying Mage Pure OR Summoning Account Or Dung Accounti have a 40mill Budget i also have another 17mill [d claws] but its on a f2p acc REquirements: 1. Must be orginal Owner or got it froma Reliable Source 2. If its a Email Login i require the Email that comes with it [Meaning no Ex: [email protected]] 3.NO RECOVERYS 4. Post stats or pictures : [email protected] 60 attack 80+ str 1 def pure!So, 1 x noob 99 would be nice! Will offer well I will not go first, OMM can be used.[Paypal]$5 Buying starter 1def Pure[Swap]Hey guys. I really want a 1 def pure to start pking with. 1 Def is a must and 40+att, 60+str, 50+rang,50+mage. It'd be really cool if it have 80 dung but not required. I will not be going first. I'll do $5 paypal or do swaps. Here are the accounts I'd be willing to swap. Account#1: Account#2:CoNqUeSt MaKe 1.1.5mif you want to make 1m to 1.5m for an hour maybe hour an half ill give you that if you help me out with conquest at pc[RSGP] Looking for a RESET account with DT done! [UPTO 150M GP]I'm looking to buy a 1 defence pure account that has done the quest "Desert Treasure", with 20 attack or lower. That means that only accounts that have been reset or rollback (or maybe glitched somehow?) can have this as the quests required to do Desert Treasure give you 32-33 Attack. The only thing that matters is that it must have 20 attack or lower, 1 defence and Desert Treasure done. I'm willing to pay a fair amount for this sort account (upto 150M RSGP!) depending on other levels/things it has. If you have one and are willing to sell, contact me at: [email protected] Thanks in advance
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