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    100% Maxed Zerker PerfectionFirst, there is no way that I will sell this account by any method other than via an OMM, or meeting in real life. I live in London Ontario, and I often travel to Ottawa and Montreal, I could make a stop anywhere in between. I've also not played Runescape for close to 3 years now, so I'm not at all interested in trading for anything gaming related, ie Cash only. I'm also not sure that I have appropriate information to recover my account. I've been the sole owner since it was created, but it's been so long since I've done anything with it that I'd be surprised if I would able to muster up enough information to recover. You will be provided with everything I have for recovery purposes on purchase. Onto details. Stats: The combat of this account is maxed at 106. A single level in either prayer or defence will increase the combat level to 107. Intro Screen: Green Zone: Bank: (I'm too lazy to clean it) Items worth noting: 4 Firecapes Good amount of Skillcapes Barrows Gloves Fighter Torso Unholy Book Quests: Notable completed quests: Recipe For Disaster - DONE - Barrows Gloves Desert Treasure Regicide Roving Elves Monkey Madness Lunar Diplomacy - Pretty much anything beneficial that hasn't been released in the past couple years. Other info: -GREAT name. No numbers or anything, and I get loads of compliments on it. -Has a VERY unique house. -2500+ BH Rogue score Post here if you're interested in giving me an offer for this account. We can also discuss it on where I can answer any questions you may have. [email protected] 107/112 main 99woodcutting/barrow gloves/ -rsgphello, im looking to sell my 107+5 combat main account for rsgp. this account has many quests complete including, desert treasure, recipe for disaster, kings randsom "peity" monkey madness, ect, this account has untrimmed woodcutting cape with some very good other skilling + combat stats, i am the original owner and im not sure but this account is either, veteran or very close to verteran, im not sure how to check if informed i will gladly find out for you. im only taking rsgp , no swaps or paypal. thank you. [email protected] is my email , post your offers here firstly please and thank you, happy bidding, no autowinBUYING RS ACC I GOT 58m!!!!!! ( 1 2)Buying RS acc for 58m or less plz no dung pures!!! Happy Bidding! I prefer pures...selling lvl 71 1 defence pure.I Am Selling Lvl 71 1 def pure has no recoveries and will confirm email change. Bank Stats Quests most done except MM and such. has Mith Gloves I Dont Have A Set Offer But I Know I Want RsGp/paypal. If You Are Interested Post Here Or Add Me On [email protected]~~~~ selling berserker pure bgs, claws & ancients ultimate pker!~~~~~~~changed my mind cba to figure out how to delete, now buying an acc!!!!!![Initiate Pure] 15MAutowin: 15M 50/50 Stats: Quest: 75% done Bank: Combat Level: No Recovs: PM me or Comment on your offers.[WTS] Experimental Level 60 Pure MageDescription: Recently, I have become bored with Runescape. At that time, I was building an experimental hybrid mage. I planned on trying to find the lowest stats I could achieve to acquire Ancient & Lunar magics. The mage is with 30 ATK, 30 DEF, 30 STR, and 85 MAGE. It has a great bank not sure of the exact value of the bank but, I know its between 250-300M. With a few rare items. Screenshots: Trade/Contact Info: WU or Paypal - Only. I will not use an MM with WU. Taking offers, best offer wins. If payment by WU is decided. Phone confirmation will be used. Post offer and PM me before contacting me. OMM will be used for Paypal. Based on fees I may/may not cover them. A/W - 200$; MM not covered.OBO /EMAIL - [email protected][RSGP]Turmoiler 85 def, 99 att str range mage hpMessage my or post - [email protected]
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