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    RuneScape lvl 95 F2P account for saleThe account is lvl 95 F2P and 100 in P2P, it currently has 1mill in the bank, Highest stats are 99Wc, 83Fm, 81Fish, 81Fletch. Combat stats are Attack 75, Str 79, Defence 75. Constitution 78. Range 75. Magic 77. Prayer 58. Has finished monkey madness and Desert treasure. Display name: 0o ghost3 o0 (For use to look at armoury) Account name will be given up upon sale. Sale price can be anywhere from 75 - 250+, To be decided on with buyer i will be generous when it comes to finding a sale price! Please contact me @ [email protected] or post on thread if you want to buy, just post email or and ill contact you as well. Pic is having trouble but the hiscores will show what i was trying toalmost maxed 60 attack pure4x 99s only taking paypal no rsgp or swaps $150 or best offer will take more pictures on request[Rsgp] Pure Level 71+4 [Member][Quested][Rsgp]NukemStore's Hello i'm selling this pure Because I play with My Rune Pure ! and i don't want this account anymore I need turmoil on my Rune pure! here the Picture of my account. Desert Treasure, MonkeyMadness, Horror From the Deep, Animal Magnetism, Almost full quested only Rfd not done! Almost got the req. Add my : [email protected] looking for RSGP I WILL NOT GO FIRST DON'T ADD ME ! IF YOU WILL NOT GOING FIRST" GOOD OFFER ONLY![rsgp]epic Skiller--94 Fishing--87 Woodcutting--99 Firemaking--[rsgp]this account is for sale and i am looking for offers atm. AUTO WIN= 15M.Selling Level 84+99 cook with membership [RSGP or Mem. Pins] LOW PRICE!!!UPDATED STATS NOW MUCH HIGHERFirst off, Can this be moved to the "other accounts" Section? Didn't notice this said pures and skillers. Sorry :S I am selling this Level 84 main. runescape account. Great starter account. I will sell for RSGP or membership pins. Offer/bid on either of those. I will not go first unless its a really good offer.. You can add my (miraclemaka1)/answer on here/email me at "[email protected]" I need to sell quickly so I will be a bit leanient on the price. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with{RSGP} Level 77 F2P PKERLooking to sell my account. I will consider any offers in RSGP only. As you can see I have no recovery questions set or any emails set. Has great potential to be a boss zerker. i1194.photobucket/albums/...Untitled-1.jpg i1194.photobucket/albums/...2-121355-1.png i1194.photobucket/albums/...822-121118.png i1194.photobucket/albums/...822-121219.png i1194.photobucket/albums/...822-121219.png Will be botting Dung until soldSelling 3 Accounts (boxer, Starter Zerker, Mage/dg Items Acc)Account number 1, starter boxer. Combat 76. No black marks. Account 2, mage boxer/fire cape/DG items, also has quite a nice name. Combat 81. Account 3, starter zerker with chaotic rapier & 99 mining/rune gloves. Offers please, I haven't played in a long time so i'm not really sure how much they're worth. >>>PAYPAL ONLY!email address registered. My is; [email protected] Current bid: N/A A/W: 300M Pictures; Serious offers only please.
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