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    Read Me !!Follow this link : :///showthread.php?t=1281533~/Selling a soul wars prod 97 range / 1 in all other stats ~ ( 1 2)sold! sorry allSelling F2P Ownage ZERKER ! < Cb 66 < 99 WC!Will go first to trusted. If not, we use OMM. Accepting RSGP Only. Need funds for new account. Recoveries not set, email will be changed to yours. Willing to swap for G2H pure. Stats: :// Cheap Simple 75 Range Pure [P2P]49 Combat. Has membership for another 20+ days. Title says all, a simple ranger I have. Will not come with much of a bank at all so i'm not going to bother posting it. Email: [email protected] : [email protected] otherwise post your offers below. thanks.[rsgp] Lvl 35 Mage Pure Going Cheap First Sale [rsgp] ( 1 2 3)Hello This is my first sale! lvl 35 mage pure with 52 mage going cheap! Only going second to trusted members, willing to use mm you pay for fees. [RSGP] Selling Low Level SKILLER! w/ 99 wc , 73 dung WITH 98K TOKENS & more! [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)Hey , i have had this skiller for quite some time now and i have decided to sell it for some rsgp only, i am the original creator of this account and a trusted seller. CURRENT A/W = 15m CURRENT OFFER = 6M --------------- higher bid? I WILL NOT GO FIRST to anyone with less then 50 vouches, i will allow trusted members interested in buying the account on it to verify. [email will be registered until sale is complete to prevent account hack, so don't bother wasting your time trying to hack it while testing the account] This account is also a defense pure in the making that can be turned into a summon tank because it already has 46 summon as well or a tank ranger. KEY SKILLS TO POINT OUT: 99 woodcut! 73 Dung! ---------------- With 98K TOKENS! look below for proof! 55 runecraft! 73 Fishing! 67 cooking! 61 herb! 51 Craft! Sorc Garden Ready LVL 44. 76 Magic. 83 Thiev. 64 Farm. 1 Def. 1 Pray. 3 Letter Name.Not looking for very much. Account comes with a account that it's email is registered too, as well as the recovery answers. Only accepting RSGP. Autowin now set at 5M!Buying zeal mule (trusted only)hey so title says it all, willing to spend 220-260m on a zeal must hav 3k+ zeals post here if interested and pm me if you want to negotiate. duly.
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