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    Selling 1-60-1 Obby Mauler ( 1 2)PAYPAL GIFT ONLY. Forgot to put [paypal only] in title, sorry. Post first here please before trying to add my name. Brand new to and I have decided to start making a rep. for my self by making obby maul pures and other lowered level pures for people to have some fun pking and playing around on. This account has 27 days left of membership as of March 24, 2010. I have recentally made a level 32 combat obby maul pure. It has almost 2m total and 60 str and 49 hp! Payment DO NOT BE LIKE DOTGILES AND POST A STUPID COMMENT PLEASE. A/W: 20 dollars USD Please do NOT offer below 10 dollars USD. Will not go first unless I deem you trustworthy, and will be happy to use a free OMM unless you would like to split affordable fees. Willing to also go 50/50 if you have 5+ vouches or if I deem you trustworthy. : [email protected] Pictures of the account: Log-in screen showing no recovs. or anything: Total worth and stats:[SELLING] LvL 48 dung pure [SELLING]Hi, im selling a lvl 48 rs account. the a/w is $50 ://tinypic/r/34q0od1/[email protected]# Summoning Tank #@! ( 1 2)I think it really maybe time to sell my summoning tank.. Looking for offers still has members till 18TH OCTOBER.. Long long time. 1 ATTACK 20 STRENGTH 83 DEFENCE 1 RANGE 1 PRAY 51 SUMMONING 57 CONSTITUTION Nothing really more to say to be honest. Good fun having a level 41 + 6 with a DFS spec'ing people for 200 + then having a familiar to do more dmg while tanking at the same time. It has members till 18th October , recoveries which I will give when I recieve payment, and uhhh . yeah :3 If any scammers come along and try to bullsh I will ignore you , block you. whatever. cause. I've been scammed one too many times and I've learn't my lesson. Which in this case I will NOT be going first. OMM is perfectly fine. I don't think theres any bans as of yet.. So it's clean there. and yeah. :3Selling lvl 51 str puresend me an offer need money to fund another pure NEVER BOTTED ON![RSGP/PP] Selling Level 50 Ranger 40 Atk 70 Range 62 Str 1 Def 49 MageAccount I have up for sell pics are self explanatory won't be going first check my vouches for trades I have made.. we can meet in game if you like if you want to see the acc. has no bank pin or recoveries can be set to your email. post your offers preferably rsgp.Selling Awsome Pking PureI am selling my range 2h pking account pretty legit gets tons of pks. Im a new member so there for trust may be an issue. An Mm can be used at your own expense or if you pay a/w i may contribute. Cb level: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=t4wza0&s=7 Stats: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=23ts7xu&s=7 Bank: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=14c5dtu&s=7 Login: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=4kcgmt&s=7 Blackmarks: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=2cr3hb7&s=7 A/W $10 Usd or 15m rsgp|RSGP|Scar's Magic Pure-Maker|RSGP|Scar's Magic Pure-Maker I only accept RSGP I know I may be new to and look very untrustworthy but I want to gain some rep around so I decided to open up a shop. What I do is I'll make an account with the information you pm me and then I will train it up to the desired Magic level and I will give you the account back. I am willing to negotiate on the prices. Currently, the highest I'll train an account is level 92 which will be a 2 week wait. Recap on what you need to do Send me an email at [email protected] with the info you want (email and display name) Wait for me to do math I'll email you an estimate on the time it should take If the account gets banned, I will either: (A)make a new account and train that one or (B) Wait untill the account gets unbanned and only charge you half price I will then email you to set up a time of trade and tell you to pay me I will then tell you the accounts new password so you can change it to what you want I will bot the account 12-14 hours a day (From 4pm until I wake up at 6) Note: Please tell me if I am putting this in the wrong section.. I was kind of confused on where this would fit insell 10hp 99 magehello selling a lvl 50 10 hp 99 mage account no recoveries. you will be going first or omm at your expense. looking for runescape gold only. shoot me some offers. thanks.
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