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    vouch for black123bought black's sw account for 15m 100% trusted! / ---------- #1 :// ------- #2 okay i will drop the 1 mill if the account is a little less value but if not i will put it in so good luck guys happy biddingMauler [63 cmb] Ice barrage [Quested]+[Gear]Selling lv 63 mauler Quested 85 range and 89 str NOW Aw:60m Mem for 3 months now No recoverys [Add [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSokil's Pure ShoppeHi I'll be doing a pure shop service. I'll be making pures depending on what you want here are the badic ones I'll be seling if you want aa more customized one then add me: E-mail [email protected] and we'll see if I can make you one and how long it will take. If you want to purchase one please post for if you do not then I will pressume you are a scammer and I will ignore. You will always go first. I'm cool with having a trusted MM as long as you cover the fee's note: If you don't pay for your account first I will sell it to someone after 24hrs of notice. Basic pures: Lv32 60 range 10hp dbow rusher Time 24-48hrs Lv31 obby mauler 60str (around) 45-50hp Time 3-7 days Lv50 Granite Maul rusher 50 att,50-55mage 65-75str 2-5 days 99 range 10hp dbow rusher 30days-60days 99 Magic 10hp.15-35 days Note if you want a modified version of any of these speak to and also speak to me if you want a pure to make sure a slot is avalible.Selling obby mauler 1900 zeal. 58 str 1 atk 1 prayer 1 def. ( 1 2)SOLD ~~~SETTLED FOR 15M~~~ I went first, I didn't scam. ALL I WANT FOR THIS IS 1 RUNESCAPE MEMBERSHIP CARD! NO STRINGS ATTACHED. People have offered more, but after thinking about it, all I want and need is 1 card. I am going to quit rs for good after it is up. Reason I'm selling for so cheap is bc I planned on making a pure to pk with bc I was bored, but a day later, Jagex came out with the refer a friend program. I want that 10% xp so I need another card, and no longer want to pk.Selling Lv 32 dbow rusher pureHi I'm selling my 60 range pure lv 32 for money(through paypal) or for rsgp the equvelant of the cash e.g you offer me 5 bucks avg rsgp rate 0.50/mil so you'd have to give me 10mil. You're going first I got bored of thid account because Ifound other ways (better) to make money becuase with this account I would rsuh like at least 1-3 bnecks of each day I played so (1-2hrs) so it's like 2mil-12mil/hr. If interested you're going first if there's a MM you pay the fee's. Add me: [email protected][RSGP][PayPal]Selling Quested Gmauler w/ Imbued Rings and MOREI'm selling this pure because I just got hacked and they suicide botted me and jagex hasn't even returned appeal yet. If they'd just check the ips they'd find huge difference but they're lazy bastards. The account has imbued rings if you sell the robes in inventory and wearing you can use the points to enchant more rings. You can tell I'm 300 rank from the War-Chief name so not going to post pic of it. Account has email and recoverys set atm but if I get buyer I'll remove. Few weeks of membership left so buy it fast if you want free members. Bank is empty i withdrew all but one for all pk sets i had so theres still some left in there. All quests are done, it has mith gloves but since attack got reset you can probably go back and quest addy gloves. Dt is done and bunch of other quests. Offer anything atm, i'll sell to first person who gives me an attractive offer
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