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    Buying Lvl 3 skiller 15mWilling to pay up to or under 15m. Please post its stats. MUST BE LVL 3!!! You also must be pretty trusted. I'm willing to go first.Buying a level 3 SKILLERBuying a level 3 skiller, For swap i have my 131, It has vigour, 100k tokens, 23m fishing xp, 99 att str def hp mage,72 prayer,Korasi,Nomad Cape,Fire Cape,Torso. The level 3 must have a 90+ All info will be given with the acc. Add My to meet ingame:[email protected] Cheap F2p PureWell I'm selling this account partly because I've recently gotten hacked on another account and I'll be needing the gp. Here are the stats, bank, and login info: Account Has No Wealth. RSGP Only A/W:N/A PM Me[/quote]Buying all accounts that got member! ( 1 2)As the title says, im buying all your accounts that you dont use that got member. Stats dont really matter. Tell me your price/member days left/stats in the thread.SELLING STARTER/MAGE PURE , 1 DefA/W Is 10M : [email protected][RSGP]Selling 9hp Account![RSGP]Another account that I don't need anymore. Obviously since it's 9hp, it's eligible for a veterans' cape. Login: Stats: I'm only accepting RSGP, and as of right now, there is no autowin. I'm just looking for a quick, easy trade.Read please sorry if wrong sectionok I dont know if this is allowed here but im just going to be flat out i need money I lost my job I dont have any money I need to pay my rent I have nothing to sell I need money bad im sorry for asking but I need money bad im on really bad times right now my rent is $400 I have asked my parents to help me but they dont have the money to help me. I really need help so if you guys can help me out it will help me ALOT thanks for reading my is [email protected] my internet is about to be shut off to but i dont care i need some were to live so I can live without the internet its going to be shut off on the 15th so yeah if you can help me out it will help me alot and when i get back on my feet ill pay you back little by little thanks.Fail Defence PureJust 1 image
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.