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    Buying Pure Account w/ 85 MagicLooking for an F2P pure account w/ 85 magic. Will pay cash via PayPal.[Swap/Selling] Lv33 Obby Mauler, Sick PKerIncludes -Obby Maul -Starter Food -Starter Pots -Starter Armour -ETC, ETC. LEAVE YOUR / BEFORE YOU PM ME.10 defence g2h pure, 1 prayer 1 summoning 65 dungeoneering1 prayer 1 summoning, potential for a staker if you wanted to stake. Also selling a staker with rapier 1pray/1sum if you are interested in sig Some members left so get it while it has credit! RSGP ONLY LEAVE OFFERS! FT 20M*~**~* Selling MAGE PURES -50cmbt,1att/def,10hp,99mage,87smith,53rc+-[60 accs SOLD] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Pure n. 1: SOLD to Britishking3206 Pure n. 2: SOLD to Lol I PK in REd Pure n. 3: SOLD on Pure n. 4: SOLD to krym0 Pure n. 5: SOLD to khanage Pure n. 6: SOLD on PA Pure n. 7: SOLD on PA to prepidouit Pure n. 8: SOLD to reds footy Pure n. 9: SOLD to thatlilkid 0 blackmarks never been members Accepting: WESTERN UNION - 40USD(no swaps or RSGP or direct PAYPAL etc) *WU is safest way for me and you , read guide here: :///showthread.php?t=570838 and if you still do not know how it works , fell free to ask me on . It is very easy ,you just have to find your local wu dealer, and send money over him or you can use ://westernunion/ to send money online from your home. You just need credit card or bank account. (PAYPAL) - 50USD -> TEMPORARY UNAVALIBLE Vouches: 83 (you can find them : HERE) Sold accs yet: 71 for 3828,2USD : [email protected]
    OTHER ACCS FOR SALE: PRAY SKILLER -15cmb,10hp,98pray,1175total,5*98(few exp till 99) MAGE PURES -50cmbt,1att/def,10hp,99mage,87smith,53rc Quote: Originally Posted by Spyike Stop the Spamming and Flaming.. Keep the thread on topic, anything else will be infracted. BUY FROM TRUSTED SELLER AND DONT GET SCAMMED BY RECORVERING ACCOUNT BACK{b} 99strAlright folks, I've purchased 2 account here so far. I'm known for selling 'Upgrades' as well. View vouches Legit offers please. Looking for an account with 99 str, I prefer NO: Def, Pray, Mage, Range, Attk, Summ, Recovs, Infractions. Basically just an acc with 99 str Or very close to it. I am looking at all offers though, so post if it has 99 str. Will only be offering RSGP and attempt to place a AW to your offer please. Thank you20 Attack Corrupt Pure 91 Strength Beast Must Look! 59 Cb!! ( 1 2)Selling this 20 attack 91 strength pure. I am selling it because it has been banned twice now, so I would have to play legit on it...YUCK! The account DOES have an email, and it DOES have recovery questions. Both of these things will be given to you in full. Recovery tests and OMM's etc are welcomed, but I will not be paying for anything. I WILL BE ACCEPTING RSGP ONLY! I would like around 30m for the acc 138 strength bonus with 91 strength at 59 cb is grossly unfair, and it is very fun to 2 hit noobs no problem. I am in no rush to sell this account, I will be waiting for the right buyer. Email will be pm'd by request. LOGIN Uploaded with STATS Uploaded with COMBAT LEVEL Uploaded with UNHOLY BOOK, BEAR HEAD, THIEF BRAWLERS, CLIMBING BOOTS (not shown) Uploaded with OFFENCES (reason why I am selling) Uploaded with HAPPY BIDDING![Iso] Obby Or G Mauler [Iso]Buying either an Obby or G Mauler Requirements for Obby Mauler: 1 Attack 99 Str 1 Defense 1-13 Prayer (Only if Mith Gloves) Requirements for G Mauler: 50 Attack 99 Str 1 Defense 31 Prayer (Must have Mith Gloves) 82 Magic (With Blitz) OMM will be used with recovery tests Please don't post if you have less then 100 posts and joined 2011 Please post pictures Not looking to spend more then 85m[RSGP] Selling two sorc garden accounts!Account #1 Black Marks: Login: Stats: Account #2 Black Marks: Login: Stats:
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