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    Buying Bunny Ears + AccountMust be 1 Defense, level 3 preferablly. no email no recovs and yes My : [email protected] : ihateniggerswhitepower (Joke)BUYING ACCOUNT WITH BUNNY EARS (Has to be 1 defence and prayer!)Title says it all. I'm looking for a level 3 or preferably an account with 1 defence and pray with Bunny Ears. I'm willing to swap my 131 or claws pure or both depending.Selling Beast Gravtie PureSelling My gravite account with Rapier and 2h, The account has 75 Dungeoneering, and I will give all previous passwords, Recovs, and ISP's ever used. As well as the date the account was created. Combat is 58 Offer here or add me on : [email protected] NO A/W, you go first or cover OMM fees. Open to Swaps, RSGP, or PayPal. ://s1089.photobucket/albums/...ravite%20Pure/ Sorry about the picture, Im new to Photobucket :S[Paypal] $20 Starter Pure 70/62/1 + 99 Thieving, 62 Farming, 48 agility$20 buys this account right now. Please post here with any interest. It has recoveries and an email. I'll provide all recovery info and we can do a test with an MM if you are worried that I'm stealing your 20 bucks. Combat level: 59.S> 58cmb 40def/70range/50magicHello! I am selling this account below for some spare GP. I lost 26m the other day and am just selling this to put some of that back in my pocket. I am not expecting 26m and I have no A/W. Post offers below account goes to the highest bidder! -I am the only owner -I am training dungeoneering while this account sits so will update level periodically -No recovs No email -Will go first to trusted members only!! -Scammers don't bother[RSGP] Selling F2P Range/G2h ProdI'm wishing to exchange my account for RSGP, I no longer wish to use this pure as i'm making a much more extreme F2P prod. Additional Features: 50 RC with Runecraft Robes, can also make great money at GOP Combat level 57 Melee max hit is 255, Range is 136. Maximum Range/G2h combo = 391 [F2P] Hati Head and Paws 60-80 of this accounts range was done at the range guild, with no HP gain. Some of the strength was trained in soul wars. If you're a decent pker then you will dominate. The username is different to the in game name, I changed it to a much better name. No bans/mutes/rolls have never been conjured. No recoveries. NOTE: IF YOU ARE IN A HIGH-RISK WILDERNESS WORLD, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SKULL! BRING 40K CASH AS A SUBSTITUTE RISK. I ONLY HAVE 1 PRAYER, SO IF YOU DIE YOU MAY LOSE THE G2H. ALSO IT'S WORTH NOTING THAT IF YOU GET PRAYER, IT'S SOMEWHAT USELESS IN A HIGH-RISK WORLD. Tell me how much your willing to pay, I expect a decent ammount as it's a great account for its level (Not to mention getting 64 dunge was a complete love you!) Contact me privately on [email protected] or you can even just email me.Level 49 obby mauler, 90 strength [RSGP] ( 1 2)selling my 90 strength obby mauler with never had recoveries or email.. 3 passwords in total will be given with the sale.. i will not go first mm will be used. This account is a beast it hits 384s when berserker neck is used. This account owns all its level and with 66 ranged you can combo nice. login+ stats picture- - [email protected] please post your here Offers in RSGP or paypal.Selling 3 sorceress garden accounts [SUPER CHEAP] [ready to go] SUPER CHEAP!!!!!!used to run these accounts on garden but cant afford members for them anymore. Many of them DO have about 5m worth of herbs on them that i couldnt get off before the membership expired. I have 3 of the accounts, and would like to sell them all at once. Looking for , $10 usd or 20m rsgp. I can also work with the price to make it more affordable. Looking for a quick sale for these accounts! add me on = [email protected]
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