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    Buying all accounts with 85 mining or morelooking for accounts with 85 mining + idc about what stats they have so dont post to me saying But Ohider he has --- in this ! im not looking for that i mainly want 85 mining + so let it be a main account or pure long as your not looking for much then leave me a responce and il get back to you Thank you.[RSGP/SWAP] Range tank! 99 range, 95 Def, 81 Mage etc. [RSGP/SWAP]I'd like to trade this for a.. Main, Pure, Or GMauler. With atleast one good money making stat, I will make the account member for you, Seeing as my account has no recoveries, or email attached to it, you have to go first, or we will use a MM at your expense. I will post pictures upon request. Thank you, JTore.[[[KORASI PROD]]]- 80 ATT - 20 DEF - 88 STR - 70 Rng - 52 Pray - 80 Mage - 35m BANK! ( 1 2 3)Roughly 12m, wait added another pk, added the 12m plus another 16m for a total of like 60m , keep bidding, more on the account, 7m from the one picture i posted and ill be posting the new one soon, have pked a collection on whips to make a grand total of 12m, so there is now 47m on the account total. This noob got smited, he must be pissed Selling my Korasi Prod RSGP, PayPal or [Canadian Bank Transfer] Official Middle Man will be used [I PAY FEE'S] I think i have included every thing i need to, enjoy the bidding. Picture is kinda love you! INFO: 35m Bank Korasi Sword 79 attack 88 strength 20 defence COMBAT LEVEL 87+7 Maxed Mage Boxer - Trusted - Insured!This account has been mine sense creation, I have ALL information which will allow ultimate safety. You will also get a personal cell phone # to text if you need any help. Set Price(WITH GOLD): $150 USD OR 275million Gold. Set Price(WITHOUT GOLD): $100 USD or 185 Million Gold. Account comes with: - Membership Info - Ip Address - Zip Code - Email - Old Recoverys - A GUIDE TO MBing - Win a average of 10-30mil a hour! Middle man CAN be used. Current bank that comes with account(Bottom) - Friday - Oct 21st - 2011 - Monday - Oct 24th - 2011 ^ 3 Days of staking! Examples of Big Stakes on this account: With purchasing this account, I will give a full tutorial on how MB effectively. Going to stop uploading stakes, as I think I have made my point on the earning power of it. If for ANY reason you want to see more stakes, I have more. Below are Stakes over a 3 day Span. POST your /AIM/ - ONLY if your interested.buying any good pures from trusted membersso im buying any good pure from trusted members only, it can be any type prefer 1-20 def and ill take turm pure or zerker but if zerkermust have reallllly good stats, ive been scammed a bunch of times so that is why only trusted members ill buy from, if your a newcomer dont even post on here, thank post offers below or add me[RSGP/PAYPAL] Two Accounts Zerker/ Handcannon pure [RSGP/PAYPAL]SElling Two account Hand cannon pure and a zerker Taking paypal or rsgp Has 95 fishing and other great stats Has 66 thieving for DT and also has 73 Farming[/center]selling level 99cb staker -- 99 def + 80m cashSelling my level 99 staker account with 99 str 85+ att and 80+ str Wanting 250m rsgp add my [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usStarter Chaotic PureHey guys, dont really use this account to much anymore and was willing to sell it. I will take almost any offer because im desperately poor.
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