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    >>>selling Ranged Tank - [rsgp]Selling Ranged Tank for RSGP ALL info available Expression of interest by POSTING BELOW and PM - because I may not consistently be checking thread Trade Conditions -Will NOT be going first unless SUPER trusted -Will NOT be accepting cash e.g. Paypal -YOU will be paying OMM fees if you do not wish to go first -Shredds P2P Pkers with Xbow and Dbow -Will be perfect once strength has been trained to about 90 Picturesselling near max g maul rusher [vouched]quested attack xp dont dt stats are 50 att 99 str 1 def 43 pray 92 mage 77 range account was bought from kerkerocola and id like to use him as a mm for this trade aw is 200m i will be uploading pics any minute nowInsane level 67 pure! 94 Ranged&Magic! 30M and it's yours! Hey, I'm selling an account I haven't used it ages. It has no quests done but the following stats: It's an account with a good base for a pure, tank or low level veng pker. I originally wanted to make a low level venger but I gave up when my mate, who was training the same type of acc, quit. I don't want to sell it for as much as I can, since I haven't been on the acc for the past few weeks, I just want some extra money. You will have to go first. This is the first time I sell an account and I don't want to be scammed. For 30M the acc is yours but feel free to bid otherwise. The account has an email registered but you can have that email and it's pass since the email was made for the account and has no other use. - Wessel.selling cheap boxer! with 99 fletchingI am selling a boxer that has won me a few mils it made me about 120m+ so far has rare boxer name A/W: none pm me if intrestednice void pure!ok so heres the deal.. i kinda screwed up and the def isnt quested, so i will sell for pretty cheap.. heres the acc.. (has korasi quest done) Login: Uploaded with Stats: Uploaded with Quests: Uploaded with Bank: Uploaded with quests: Uploaded with please offer, im selling for cheap!Selling dds stakerUploaded with PM if you wanna know more. Great dds staker, will make you mills really quick, name can be switched at any time. WILL USE MM OR OMM. A/W 50$Looking for a range pure! private message me plz!Private message me looking for a range pure!Selling a level 97. Two 99's!Hello, today i am selling a level 97 account with two 99's! i have pictures just add me on or post here to give me an offer if you are interested has recoveries but i have all the answers and stuff for them and everything i do not play on this account so i have no need for it. we can use a mm because i know i have not posted much on here or have any vouchs whatsoever, so we can do it as your choice. : [email protected] Inventory: By bignasty76 at 2011-10-11 Stats: By bignasty76 at 2011-10-11 Current Wardrobe: By bignasty76 at 2011-10-11 Quests: By bignasty76 at 2011-10-11 Login: By bignasty76 at 2011-10-11 Offensces: By bignasty76 at 2011-10-11 If there is anything else you would like to know please message me on here or add my .
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