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    [Selling Pure +Mith Gloves +200k tokens left]A/W: 35Mil Private Message Me For More Details Will Use MM and OMM *YOU* Pay FeesCb lvl 60 pure. 40att/85str/85rng/1def. RSGPCLOSED. Got scammed by delayed.chaotic pure 1 defselling my 1 def pure, 99 str, 80 attack, 90 hp, 91 range 99 mage 1 def 53 prayer items: chaotic maul, barrelchest anchor, fire cape, addy gloves message back your price and ask for a picture thanksS>Rune Turmoiler 99 Str 95 Pray [PAYPAL]Selling my rune turmoil pure because i dont have time to play anymore. Quests and stats will be placed below Stats: Quests: If you're intrested let me know inbox or post your / . i will ONLY go first with well trusted people otherwise use a at your cost.[rsgp] Selling Loaded Lvl 94 Zerker! [rsgp] ( 1 2)Sold!RSGP. Great pk account!! must seeselling this account for rsgp only/ might consider a trade. this is my old account i had in 2009 i used to pk on but i recently have been just pking on my main. it has recoveries but i can give them to you and you can delete them if you want too. i have no use for this account im 100% legit. if you dont believe me lookup my main on highscores PssyTanker thx. stats: 45 att 51 str 64 def 60 range 44 prayer 76 mage 39 runecrafting 66 hp 20 herb 16 theive 57 crafting 57 fletching 21 slayer 12 hunter 44 mining 41 smithing 62 fishing 40 cooking 49 firemaking 71 woodcutting thx►►►|RSGP| Selling 99 Str Zerker Pure |RSGP|◄◄◄ ( 1 2 3)Insane Zerker Pure - No Recoveries or Email - All information will be provided upon purchase. - Original Owner - Username login (not email) Accepting RSGP only A/W : 60M ( just an A/W ) * Letting it go for only 60M !!! Current Bid : 66M *was lost, he never spoke to me* Quote: Originally Posted by wangster 66m : [email protected] Post BELOW with your if interested. -Thanks to Slota for Layout-Buying an 80 attack 80 dung pure, 1 def, pref high range (rsgp)Must have 200k tokens or a rapier or maul. pref maul. Im offerening 80m rsgp, if I feel the account it right. Won't go first unless I deem you trusted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.