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    A good 20def pure [cheap] must see!!hello, im selling a this 20deffence pure(cb69) i'm the original owner! so i know the email+ recorvs ill remove that once you bougth mine account(bank worth= 50k) here are some pics; STATS: Inlog : [email protected] good staker paypalhello the title says it im buying a staker add my and we will negotiate price pay good. paypal[RSGP] Selling zerker 96 strength, 94 mage, dt, lunar, void [RSGP]A/w is 45m, feel free to leave a lower/higher value offer though. My is [email protected], either you can go first or pay OMM fees, or we can use a VMM.Selling fully quested Turm pureSelling a fully quested 31 def turm pure. 100% quested. with P2P Paypal only The account Rsn is a single word no numbers idt its rare but its a uncommon name. im the original owner and i will provide all details from 2009 when i made the account including old pins and membership details!. Contact information - - [email protected] My paypal is verified and i will not go first Good luck in the bidding process Usfine offered me 70 for it, not taking less then 50!Buying a QUESTED rune/zerker pure[Paypal]Hello everyone, im looking for a rune or zerker pure thats up for sale i'd like the stats to be similiar to this please: Either 60 , 70 or 75 attack 95+ strength 40 def (rune pure) or 45 def (zerker pure) 95 prayer 99 magic I'd like it to be fully quested and you MUST be the original owner and i'd like all details and we WILL do a recovery test to clarifiy that you wont recover back and i can recover if anything. we can use an OMM. add my : [email protected] Pking Account!!(PayPal)Hello selling this account with 62 attack 78 strength 84 ranged 94 magic check out the pic to get the stat statistics for sale for irl money through paypal starting bids on £15[rsgp]selling Epic Starter Pure Great StatsNo recovs, no email, orig owner, 0 quests done except attack xp quests ( will stay 60 attack with d scim etc). A/w = 70 milSelling Runescape Pure 69 Combat 94 Mage 84 Hello, i am selling my runescape account for irl paypal money if you would like to buy bids start from £20 - $30 thanks, site to see pic
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.