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    Level 81 40 Defence Rune Pure- CHEAP-VERY NEGEOTIABLE_I am selling my 40 defence pure on and figured i would link you all here to spread the word. The a/w is 25$ but that is very negeotiable. I prefer PP but RSGP is accepted at .4/m :///offer/...heap-59653611/selling starter void purejust asking for a couple mill at least for it private message me or add my [email protected] 35m on 1 def n pray pure.Hey, the title says it All. I want mostly rangers with DT done. I dont want def and prayer.[RSGP/WOWGOLD] Selling Prayer pure/Skiller[BEsT OFFER GETS IN]Pictures needed: :// :// :// :// I'm selling this account because I haven't had the desire to play RuneScape at all for the past year. I kept this last account of mine just in case I would return, but I've moved on. Anyway, I really don't know how much this account could go for, but, I really don't care either. Email and recoveries have been forgotten and the minor ban for macroing is not in effect(?). Once again, BEST OFFER GETS ITmight be buying sorc garden acc'sHow much are they and who would be willing to sell them. Yes i am going to bot sorc garden. and yes i do know its pretty banableStarter pure with filled Unholy Book!Selling this nice level 54 starter pure with unholy book! Autowin: 12m Current bid: - Note: DT has not been done - All 4 zamorak pages cost 11m+ atm - 1m+ was spent on prayer which makes it possible to get firecape at 54cb stats bank (unholy book) login screen offence[101cmb]Staker perfect staker[RSGP]bumps![35 vouches/4000$ traded] Zeal pures shop - create your lovely pure within a click! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)All sales will be made on 26th July! Hello! Ever wanted a pure, but you never had time to train your skills? Well, with zeals you can boost your stats within a click of mouse. When purchasing an account you will receive: - Creation date. - ISP info. - Membership details. - All accounts had maximum of 2 passwords - you will receive them. - These accounts never had email or recoverys registered. Is worth taking risk and buying from newcomers, yes, for cheap price, but accounts which can be recovered in few days? Current Stock Account 1: SOLD Account 2: SOLD Account 3: SOLD Account 4: SOLD Account 5: SOLD Account 6: SOLD No pic. 2000+ zeals. Lvl 3 1/1/1. Account 7: SOLD No pic. 2000+ zeals. Lvl 3 1/1/1. SOLD Account 8 No pic. 2000+ zeals. Lvl 3 1/1/1. SOLD Account 9 No pic. 2000+ zeals. Lvl 3 1/1/1. SOLD Account 10 No pic. 2000+ zeals. Lvl 3 1/1/1. SOLD Account 11: SOLD Account 12: - SOLD Account 13: SOLD Account 14: SOLD Account 15: SOLD Account 16: SOLD Account 17: SOLD Account 18 SOLD Account 19: SOLD Lvl 3 account with 2000+ zeals | Stock: 0 / 75$ or 150m. Lvl 3 with 1500+ zeals | Stock: 0 / 50$ or 100m. Account with 1000+ zeals and stats: 40 Attack/1 Str/1 Def/30 hp | Stock: 0 - 35$ or 70m. Account with 1000+ zeals and stats: 1 Att/40 Str/1 Def/30 HP | Stock: 0 35$ or 70m. Accepted payment methods: - RSGP - Western Union - Moneygram - with you paying fees. I DO NOT ACCEPT SWAPS. Im not responsible for any future bans, and there will be no refunds, but i will always assist you with my help. These accounts were botted. Once again: all sales will be made after 26th July. My : [email protected] My vouches: :///showthread.php?t=873400
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