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    Post offersPost offers for this account and i might sell it. More pictures if i actually do decide to sell. Contact at [email protected] tinypic/r/2j5fa79/7 i51.tinypic/207uaep.jpgSelling Level 70 Hybrid for RSGP or Account Trading.Account name: Hybrid_k0PK My account Statistics: 60 Attack 70 Strength 20 Defense 73 Ranging 85 Magic 43 Prayer As for my Skills: 69 Crafting 91 Woodcutting 51 Farming If I sell/trade this account, I will be clearing the bank. I realize this is not the best account ever but I have had great luck pking with it and it is very easy to make money off of it. I will bot Woodcutting to 99 if you will offer more cash. If there are any other skills you would want, I would be more than happy to bot them for you if you pay extra money. The only quests that are important that i have done are Lost City, and almost all the requirements for Desert Treasure, and I have all the requirements for Monkey Madness. I have no starting bid: put your bids in the comments and we will go from there. When we trade I will not be going first, but if you want to do a MM it will be off of your costs and not mine. Thank you for your time, and please leave a comment on what you think and a starting bid. Hybrid_k0PK[paypal] Cheap Rs Pure 90+ Stats [quested]Cost: 30$ Paypal you go first or we use omm your paying fee's. add my email if interested comment below [email protected]!! [PP] 42M -- 99 Range -- Tank [PP] !!Hi, i am selling this account of mynes because i am quiting runescape forever. I will only be accepting paypal and will be used once the trade is going. Combat 86. I currently have not set any autowins for this account, but i'd be looking for around 50-60$. Main window: I will remove email upon request, just made it p2p so i can sell it. Bank: Whole stuff 42m or more, holiday items in bank Stats: here are the stats of the account. Quests: not all but the main quests.[RSGP] 93 Combat | 99 Ranged/Fletching, 94 Mage, 1343 Total, Lunars/Ancients DoneGreat Tank Ranger/Mage Hybrid Account! I am the original account owner, and the only one who has been on it. No black marks/offences, no recoveries, no E-mail address registered, and a week of members left on it. The pics explain the rest. Bidding starts at 10m, A/W is 35m. (NO TRADES) OMM will be used, at your expense. I'll also let you go firstn or take PayPal money (1m =1$). For PayPal, we use TeamViewer, and I watch you send it as a gift with the message I tell you. You also must pay the PayPal fees if it's being funded from a checking account or debit card instead of a PayPal balance.[PP/RSGP] Nearly Maxxed Zerk Pure B Gaunts/Veng [PP/RSGP]Selling my zerk pure, well quested and nice stats, Either RSGP or IRL $ via Paypal, Feel free to inbox me or add me on : [email protected] Will be using an OMM or no deal. Unless u go first, your choice. Thanks `Famous[PP/RSGP] 70 Def 97 Range Tanker [PP/RSGP]Nearly maxed Range Tanker, looking for IRL $ or RSGP, Msg with with offer or post it, Also you can add my : [email protected] Using OMM or no deal Thanks `Famous[SWAP] Swapping 3 Accs Includes a Level 131!! Swapping 3 accs for a good 1 def puree!Please, all three of these accounts are not needed by me anymore. I have been looking for a good 1 defence pure for a while and am willing to trade all three of these accounts!! I really need someone honest to trade with me I dont want to be scammed. Below are the three accounts offered for trade for just one good defence pure!! Dr Jaybaybay: Gore Twins: Emo Wiener: Post offers on here or e-mail me at [email protected] All three of these accounts for just one good defence pure!! None of them have much wealth on them. PLEASE!! I NEED OFFERS!!
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