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    Zerker Pure! Crazy Staker! (RSGP)WARNING! ~ IF YOU ARE HERE TO SCAM DONT BOTHER WASTING MY TIME ~ * Level 83! * Level 90 Mage! * Level 87 Strength! * Amazing dds/whip staker! Won 100m+ from staking! * 81 Woodcutting! good money maker! * The pictures prove his good stats the rest blanked out are 1! only a few skills which are above 1 which are quest skills! * Level 15 prayer only because of quest restless ghost * Active membership! * Total level 666! Looking for legit buyers who will use an MM/OMM. ~ If you are interested post here or message me for email address. ~level 88 with 20 holiday items!post your offers below. i will not go first unless you are a known member of these forums. either go first yourself or provide an OFFICIAL MIDDLE MAN RSGP and Paypal accepted, the pic saying bugabuse is because i firstly posted it onto that forum.Rsgp-buying Accounts(check Out)-rsgp ( 1 2)So Im BuyiNG: Low Level Summoning Tanks (70+def) Pures With 70+ Dungeoneering. Pures With Rare Holiday Items Like Sythe Or Bunny Ears. Leave Your Offers And Price And Ill Contact U If I Get On Sythe. Thanks.Default [SWAP] Level 131 main -- 5 99s -- Firecape ~~ Looking for Good 1 Def Pure99 attack, 99 strength, 99 defence, 98 hitpoints, 83 ranged, 71 prayer, 99 mage, 71 cooking, 83 woodcutting, 84 fletching, 99 fishing, 92 firemaking, 70 crafting, 80 mining, 80 smithing, 65 herblore, 65 agility, 94 thieving, 83 slayer, 65 farming, 61 runecrafting, 56 hunter, 66 construction, 70 summoning, 64 dungeoneering, 150k cash, skillcapes for the 99's and fire cape on account. name of the account is dr jaybaybay feel free to look up the stats yourself. I want a good 1 def pure that i can pk with. if your interested in the above account that i am willing to trade, drop me off an e-mail at [email protected] with your account's stats. Again, I want a good 1 def pure for this account. I am willing to trade first because there are recovery questions set on the account. Again, if interested in trading, e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions and your account information Again, contact me by e-mail or even on this thread. I will supply any pictures or information needed to prove the account I have offered is mine. Thank you =] There is not much wealth on the account and currently no membership. Any other questions feel free to ask still looking to swap this account for a good 1 defence pure.[RSGP] selling maxed g maul pure 1 defence!hey guys, selling my pure for RSGP to get my main up and going again. pm me with offers or leave a comment. - [email protected][Trusted Users!] Buying 1Def Pure Firecape/Addy Gloves/90+Mage [RSGP]I am pretty new but i have been buying gold and accounts from here. I am after a awesome 1 defence pure. Requirements: 1 Defence 90+ mage 85+ range Firecape Addy Gloves Dt and MM complete I have RSGP to offer 100m+ I am only trading with trusted users. This means you must have 200+ vouches. and prove I would also like a recovery test Offer me thanks.|Rsgp|Beast ini pure|Fully quested|firecape|91s|94m|88r|Rsgp|Hello sythe im interested in selling my initiate pure. Edit: NOW DONE DRAGON HAI QUEST Rules & Procedure: I WILL NOT go first. I WILL use a middle man. I ONLY accept rsgp. When offering post + offer. Account Info: The account has 1 month + members. It is fully quested. It has rune gloves. It has a firecape. It is READY to pk.Level 62 Gmaul/Ranger PureYo jus make me some offers im looking for rsgp may take swaps tho offer up. Stats- CMB- Bank (lol)- Loggin-
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