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    > Rsgp/[email protected]!autowin-60m the account does have recoveries/. They will be removed im semi-new to sythe but not an love you email: [email protected] the zerk only has mith gloves, but other then that its great, it has lunar/dt done etc.. IM LOOKING FOR RSGP OR A 1 DEF PURE WITH NICE DUNG, OR A LOW LEVEL PURE WITH DT DONE[Selling]|FULLY Quested Turm Pure|5x99s|Ovls|Rapier&More|[RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)So Im Selling This Account,I've Worked On It Hard In The Past..I Quitted For A While And Decided To Start Pking On My 1 Defence Pure Again So I'm Selling That One. Account Is FULLY Quested,Has Korasi's Sword,Fire Cape,Chaotic Rapier,Slayer Helmet,Arcane Stream Necklace,Ring Of Vigour & Much More... ToS: - E-Mail Is OFF,Recoverys Are ON But Will Be Removed Upon Purchase. - OMM WILL Be Used Unless Youre Really Trusted. - 50/50 Is Also An Option If I Decide That Youre Trusted Enough. - Before Adding My You MUST Post On My Thread And Offer. - If I Think Something Is Fishy I Will Decline Youre Offer. Current Bid: 180M Autowin: 250M RSGP (Will Accept MB Also) E-mail/Recoverys: Stats: Account: Bank: Quests Done: Bans & Mutes:77cb 82 range tankNewcomer to sythe but not to account selling. Pm me if interested. WILL SWAP. cb77[Rsgp] Selling Absolutely SICK Level 63 Hybrid With 82 Mage (Ancients) |31 Prayer|Sold.Swapping for any account with SS or TurmoilHello i would like to swap my account for one with Turmoil or SS, here are the pics of my account I have no idea how to remove recoveries or delete Email registration so if you could tell me how i would appreicate it very much. Maybe its because my email is my log in information but if youre interested post here or on my [email protected] I will not go first or we can use a OMM but i will not pay either. thank you very much[Buying] A Zerker|Quested|40-45 Def|60 Atk|[RSGP ( 1 2)looking to buy a zerker with a cb range of 80-88.. NO HIGHER CB! * It MUST Have dragon/barrows gloves. * It MUST Have vengeance. * It MUST Have No Recoverys/E-mail. * You MUST Have atleast 10+ vouches. * It MUST Have less than 60 Attack 40-45 Def. * It MUST Have atleast 2 85+ Combat stats. * Defence MUST be FULLY Quested. im paying in RSGP,willing to pay a decent price if it meets all my criteria..but feel free to post your zerkers along with the price here..and i'll get in contact with you if i like what your offering! Thanks-Selling Mage boxer 40M - Beast staker!Information - I know i'm a newcomer, and i will go first to trusted people on this website! - No Bankpin - No Recoveries - No Registered email - I will go first to trusted people! - The Account is perfect balanced! Can get maxed at cb 99! PictureSelling 60 attack turmoil zerk, 99 strength, sw prod low hp/combat, nice bank.has alot of membership left, i'm looking for around $50 usd. IRC or /vent communication. Offers on RSGP accepted aswell. : [email protected] IRC nick: "Soham" nick: "Soham Khaitan" Or inbox me/reply here onto this thread. I take paypal also if you don't have RSGP. You can also auto recover it yourself to see its not a scam. Purchase will include: Username Password Previous passwords Creation details ISP Past recovery questions
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