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    Wtf dds pure rsgpPure w/80+ dungThis acc has: 80+ dung 99 str 80 att 20 def 99 mage 80+ range 90+ hp Firecape, arcane stream aswell also has a firecape, arcane stream! contact me here on sythe or - [email protected] will be taking rsgp, swaps, currently dont have my paypal setup yetWtf dds pure rsgpWtf account with 60att and 90+str and 1def please and dont really care about other stats tho bust have mm done and dt thanks im willing to spend 18mill rsgp60 pure, 81 DG, 85 rangeOk, this account was a new account i was going to use, was going to keep it 1 pray, being a retard a accidently used a prayer door. It's now 2 pray and although it's not a great setback, i dont like my accounts to be anything but perfect, so it's now for sale. ONLY accepting rsgp, as i will be making the same account again, this time with 1 pray :4. any other offers that arnt rsgp will be reported as spam and taken as a free bump, thanks. Okay; pictures: Login: Stats: tokens; This account wasnt glitched/botted, has no offences etc, goodluck. edit; Although i may have no postcount/vouches, i WILL not go first, due to the fact the acc has 1 def/tokens that can just be spent. I will however happily use an OMM.:::..:::..::: Selling beast 99 Ranged pure :::..:::..::: ( 1 2)A/W is 60M RSGP! Add me on : [email protected] acc shop! mains,pkers,pures,stakers[paypal|RSGp] ( 1 2)CLOSeDDDSelling Amazing Staker (99 Mage, 75 Dungeon, 80 Attack / Defence)Selling my staker that i don't really use for anymore. NO SWAPS, PAYPAL OR RSGP ONLY Pros: Fully Customizable to be whatever type of staker you want Can get 99 ranged without leveling combat Can become a Great Mage Boxer with only a few quests! Cons: None =D : PM Me or Post yours Price: S/b 20$ / 35M RSGP (Full statius cost 20m+ alone lol) A/w None Set Pictures:selling lvl 71 1 def pure, fully quested, decent statsselling lvl 71 acc some stats: 60 att 77 str 81 rng 52 pray 94 mage 75 hp other stats: 55 slay 78 wc i got all the main quest done. monkey maddness, desert treasure, mith gloves, lost city, and many more i got 61 quest points. im selling the account for 30m willing to do 50/50 if u want to know anymore just ask thanks
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