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    1DEF 72CMB PURE 4sale [rsgp,pp, swaps]Sup guys. I am selling one of my accs. 0def xp, never boted. Uploaded with If interested add me [email protected][RSGP] Turmoil + 2 99S QUESTED/ GEAR [RSGPHi i am selling a lv 112 almost maxed turmoil barrow pure Will use mm or omm will not go first unless very trusted no recoverys / MEMBER FOR LIFE! RSGP ONLY/ POSSIBLY PAYPAL IF GOOD OFFER. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with OFFER HERE OR POST HEREZerker amaznig stats almost 99 str. ( 1 2)This zerker is amazing, the email is registered but I don't know how to get rid of it. If this scares you we can use a omm or whatever they are called you pay the fees. My is [email protected] leave your email as verification. I'll accept rsgp or paypal rsgp preferbly. You go first unless your trusted with 20+ vouches. sythe/showthread.php?p=7983310#post7983310[/] Uploaded with[/] Uploaded with[/] Uploaded with ImageShack.us64 Cmb Pro Gmauler [13 Pray, Ancients, 94 Mage, Addy Gloves, 2 99's]Only RSGP [AutoWin= 50M] Looking for Bids, NO SWAPS OR PAYPAL My Is [email protected] Account Has Very Low Wealth [10k-50k], But Amazing Money Making Stats. 91 Fish, 99 Hunter, 99 Fletching >>55 SlayerI will be getting quest/levels for dt. But has addy gloves. S/B 10M a/w 40m. Here are some pictures[PP/RSGP] SElling ownage dskim pure - 99wc/91hunter/most quest/CHEAP [pp/rsgp] we use OMM, will go first to people i deem trustable.Pure w/80+ dungThis acc has: 80+ dung 99 str 80 att 20 def 99 mage 80+ range 90+ hp Firecape, arcane stream aswell also has a firecape, arcane stream! contact me here on sythe or - [email protected] will be taking rsgp, swaps, currently dont have my paypal setup yet
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.