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    [Account Shop] Mains/Pures/... [PAYPAL]Hi Sythe! I'm selling my runescape accounts. I will only accept PAYPAL and RSGP,no swaps When purchasing an account you revice: -All used passwords -Old recoveries -Simly all info u wanted ACCOUNTS: All email's and recovry's are deleted. Acc1: 99 magic, good rusher, desert treasure done, some nice skills,... A/W:$25 Acc2: 80 hunter, all combat skills 70+, monkey madness and subs. for DT done,... A/W:$10 Acc3: Decent RC level, Monkey madness done, just a noob account A/W:$7 acc4: Decent stats, 3,5M+ member items(!), MM done, ... A/W:$10 (cause of the items..) acc5: Just a dds/clawer,... Lost city done A/W:$5 Also selling pre-made accounts with 30 mining, .50 each OFFER PLEAS![RSGP] Selling 45 def pure account [RSGP]Close plz, solled on MMOExchange with my other 2 accounts for 35mlvl 76 old school rune pureWell this account is my rune pure from rsc. low quest points low skills but the account does have a Link below will show bank recoveries and stats (account has no email registered) Anything i should add in with pictures or information please let me know.[rsgp] soul wars prod - 99 strength - 50 attack - 86 magic - [Look]Hey everyone I'm selling this awesome pure for RSGP only. Autowin - 40M : [email protected] : Mw2_MonsterSelling good starter rune pure with a hand cannon really cheap 10m!selling rune pure for 10m as A/W simply because i need quick money to fund my pure, the acc has rune gloves and 80qp close to drag gloves, pics below of acc***[Cheap] Failed Zerker - 2x99 [Cheap]***Only Swaps and Rsgp Full membership, 2m Wealth Perfect starter main Pm if interested98 cmb f2p zerkerWell i'm retiring my zerker because it's time to make a new creation for the pk world. RSGP or USD is accepted... There Is No A/W just yet i'm not greedy though. Also account has fremmy trails done and monkey madness done. account has recoveries but no email will be given all information and a number incase you need help with the account. Link below shows the basic information about the account. Umm havn't sold an account on here in years so anything else i should post or say please leave me a comment below.dasdA/W - $100 / 200 Mill RSGP 1Mill RSGP = $0.50 You first or VMM You Pay Fees. Would love to have a mod/staff be mm as i want this to be fast/safe for both users. I will supply all information needed. Email will be changed to buyers, recovery questions will be given. For some reason for me they won't cancel out (only change) i think its due to the new system. Contact [email protected] Reason Why I am Selling I'll be working more then i'll be able to pk/clan. So i'll be moving on. I'll consider 200m if you don't have $100, obo. As i can easily resell it. The account is fully quested 30 Def. It hasn't been trained at all in defence. Full quested, quested to Rune Gloves (1 till barrows / end of rfd), and prossylete quested. Quest Stats Login
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