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    selling good starter purehey guys im selling a good starter pure for rsgp that stats are 44 atack 1 def 1 pray 70 str 70 range 60 magic can wear climbing boots great strter pure[RSGP] Selling 95 Combat Rapier Staking Pure!Hey guys, this is my 2nd account I'm selling here on Sythe. This one has 1 prayer, 1 summoning, and a chaotic rapier. Perfect for staking I will not go 1st unless you're trusted, if you want me to go 1st, we will be using an OMM at your expense. Here are some pictures of the account: Post offers below. ADD MY : [email protected] Taking ONLY RSGP Payments.[RSGP]~~~Even better Initiate Pure with Ancientz~~76CMB~~[RSGP]Serious Buyers Please! ( 1 2)Hi, i'm selling my beast initiate pure just because I lost alot of money on my main. Ive made the account myself, no botting and mostly trained at experiments. Pics will tell you the rest. Stats! No Recoveries! Quests! Also serious buyers only please. :-Online: Im trusted so don't be SHY Im willing to start the bid at 10 mil. Thx for looking![RSGP]WTB awesome F2P Pure[60M]Spending 60M on it, You have to be Trusted/Member for a while. The acc has to pass a recovery test by OMM and we will 100% surely use one at split cost. Iv sold/bought/traded wow accounts for over 5 years now, Scammers GTFO. Please do not offer me Failed pures, i dont want 2 defence.Sick 76, with 2 99s, 99 mining!hey guys its tylerthedds with an amazing pure, level 76 never been muted or banned. There is NO email, as you cans ee its a glitch, willing to have MM confirm. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU HAVE 100 OR MORE VOUCHES MY = [email protected] AW = 45m, Or best offer Pics[Sell] Level 69 Combat CHEAP! [RSGP]Hey guys I am selling a level 69 combat account. It doesn't have the best stats, but I am selling it cheap. Just offer. Offer in RSGP only.Selling 85 cmb zerk! 80 dung 90 str 92 mage 81 range, rune gloves!yup ******* hate zerk pking, gunna get some moneys for my main, no recovs, email will be changed to yours..A/W 80m Happy bidding! Uploaded with[RSGP]Runescape Lvl 68 Membership Active!! Desert Treasure DONE!![RSGP]Hey guys im selling this account for rsgp, if you want to offer reply on this thread or add my please - [email protected]
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