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    Selling level 82 Init Pure! 93 str 94 mageI am selling my init pure with all neccisary pure quests done such as MM, DT, Rune gloves etc... This is a Regretful sale as this account has made me alot of money pking but I have started another Pure and need cash This Account comes with Statius top and l in bank. STATS QUESTS That Photo shows MM has been done (Monkey Embassador section of RFD) aswell as Desert Treasure in the quests tab BANK RECOVERIES/EMAIL At the moment I am unsure of a A/W but as soon as I see an offer I am happy with I will contact the person (i will also only be taking RSGP, and either OMM if you will not go first or I will go first IF you have enough vouches that I trust youGivingaway all my accounts for 20M! MUST LOOKI'm going back to staking on my staker, got no money at all! So i'm giving away all my pures etc for a price of 30M. This might look a scam but its not i just need starter cash to build the bank wich i know i'm goign to do. Info Firt of all i'm not going first. Since i'm on sythe since 2007. - No recoveries on all the accounts. - No bankpins. - No emails - No blackmarks Account 1 Account 2 Account 3 Account 4 Account 525 DEF | OVLS | F CAPE | RAPiERI recently got hacked for around 700M by a good IRL friend, and decided to sell my account to rebuild my bank on my new pure. It has only an e-mail registered atm, but I can remove it. I will also provide you with full info of the account. Notable items/levels/other: - Fire cape - Rune gloves - 96 Herblore - 82 Dungeoneering/rapier - Full zammy book Here are some pics, the IP address is not mine :p : A/W: 130M/130$ PP WILL USE MM SINCE I HAVE A LOW POST COUNT Offer me some prices in RSGP/Paypal[PP][RSGP][SWAP] Selling this tankHey guys, Im selling this nice tank cause I dont use it anymore. Im accepting PP, RSGP or swaps. I do not have a set price for this account but that can be negotiated on . : [email protected] hybrid with firecape for sales1183.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow there is pics. dt mm done. no gloves though sry this is a very good account for starting a pure because alot of the harder things are done and the stats have been raised pretty well. ive been trying to get rid of it for a while and nobody wants so im willing to let it go for cheap. any offers post or pm me and we can negotiate. yes it has recovs and email but i will delete when i reach an agreement with a buyer and i will also provide all the original info with it just incase for your own safe keeping. including the original recovs and email ( even though they will be deleted ) prev passes...creation details, members details, ip. please post or pm offers anything is better than the nothing i have letting this account sit since i dont play. thanks guys. have fun bidding and i hope we can get it sold asap!*4Sale* - Almost Maxed Pure [RSGP ONLY] ( 1 2)Hey, selling my rs pure for RSGP The account is fully quested with all pure quests completed. Message me on sythe only. Sorry don't have . Also, I'm NOT doing account swaps. It's got no membership. 50m A/W*~Trading 2 Zerkers for Pures~*Wut up, Sythe. Been a while since iv'e been on here, and I still have the same accounts for sale/trade! What i'm really looking for is a higher level pure, nothing really in particular. It could even be what noobs call "failed pures", I really am looking for just a decent low defence level pker. ==First Up== Cb Lvl 93 -141 QP- Desert Treasure, Heroes, and alot more. -I am the OO. -2.4M cash, another ~2 mil in items. -Full Zammy Book -Rune Gloves ( Can get barrows and stay 40 def.) ==Next== Cb Lvl 79 -Has Defenders -Torso -I am the OO -Around 1.5m in items -Completed MM, Fremmy Trials etc -Has Addy Gloves (Can get barrows and stay 45 defense) The only thing I really want is: + 1-30 Defense + At least almost 90 Strength. + SOME wealth If you offer an account that tickles my fancy, both accounts will probably be traded for yours. I WILL NOT GO FIRST, the reason for my recent absence from Sythe is that 1 Bad Trade you see in my SIG. love you you assholes. I WILL ONLY GO FIRST if you're a trusted member or staff. I am truly serious, I need a pure account so I can f2p and p2p with a buddy of mine.selling boss lvl 66 hybrid! rsgp or rsgp + p2p pins1183.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow pictures can be found on photobucket. it is a very good account all original info comes with it zammy book filled, desert treasure, monkey madness, many other quests, no gloves yet. post or pm offers.
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