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    Selling various pures for rsgp1st Account 30m, no less has not completed rfd 2nd Account 50m- Fully quested account with 1 defence. 3rd Account Rune gloves but, 63 attack 30m no less.. inbox me if you have enquiries.[SWAP/RSGP] Pure lvl 98 CB 70+ all CB stats, fully quested,fcape,torso [SWAP/RSGP][SWAP/RSGP] Pure lvl 98 CB 70+ all CB stats, fully quested,fcape,torso also 99 wc and cooking, 81mining and 41 dung. recipe for disaster, monkey madness and lost city done![RSGP] Fully Quested Turmoil Zerker! AMAZING! [RSGP]no longer wish to sell.[Trusted] Selling Awesome Rune Pure [PayPal]Hi again, I am here selling this pretty amazing rune pure, this account is just sitting here. i'm sure some pker would want it . I will be accepting PayPal for this account, there is no a/w set so please feel free to bid away. How I can be reached is [email protected], here is the image. Thanks.★ Selling 93 account ★ 2 99's ★ fire cape ★ 3 letter name ★Selling this nice account,Very good for a start off account 99 hunt=Great $ Stats: Bank: Login: No set A/w,if you have a good enough offer pm me! WE WILL USE MM,which i shall pick! My [email protected] Tell me in pm before you add me!Selling level 82 accountI have a level 82 account its has lost city, dragon slayer, monkey maddenes and a lot more quests done. Im looking for rsgp or a upgrade. i will not scam i will delete recovery's and we can use mm or if ur trusted i will go first. and this account dose not have the 500k anymore but i can give u 100k so u can buy a dragon skimmy, and his username is not email.Selling Beast Zerker | Chaotic Rapier l 2 99's l Fully Quested l Barrows GlovesSelling my nearly maxed Berserker Pure -Account has Defender of Varrock completed, and can get turmoil w/o raising defence. -This zerker comes with a Chaotic Rapier and a numerous amount of defenders, as it is ready for pking! -I am starting to focus on my new turmoil pure I've created, and I just cannot be asked to pk with 52 prayer anymore. -Looking for RSGP offers the most. Will maybe accept Paypal If I get a very good offer. Not to crazy about the whole paypal thing though -.- -If you want to hire an MM, you pay fees please. And I will NOT go first unless you are highly trusted. -We can talk on if I get a serious buyer - - [email protected] -A/W: 130mSelling level 68 staker with CHAOTIC RAPIER ( 1 2)Post in the thread before adding me on , please. I want to see your sythe name. I was going to make this guy into a beast love you staker, but I soon realized I just didn't have the time to commit to it. That said, I'm going to be selling him and probably buying a finished account with the money. I am taking only rsgp. Email is not registered, but recovery questions are set. I will give you the answers to the recovs upon sale, or we can have an OMM or MM do a recovery test. : [email protected] Also, I am selling a beast love you level 132 main. CHECK IT OUT sythe/showthread.php?p=9273369#post9273369
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