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    Selling Two [email protected] a new thread,[SWAP] Swapping one of my accounts for a Range pureHey everyone, really looking for a 1 def range pure str doesn't matter mage is meh. Quested is nice, looking for 90+ range I have these accounts to swap 132 280 quest points maxed melee most stats above 80. 77 combat pure 96 str 85 range 86 mage 60 atk 52 pray 1 def done DT 60 combat pure 94 mage 70 range 102 combat main 80 atk 90 str 70 def 94 mage done lunars 86 ranged. Most stats above 50 I will verify all these accounts in game if you're seriously interested in any of them. I am the original owner of all of them, please PM me your if you have a range pure you'll swapSelling Starter Range TankSelling Starter range tank for a RSGP! NOT-QUESTED DEF RARE NAME - (inbox for name) START BIDDING! Picture:[RSGP/PAYPAL]Sell 4 acc 2x99Hi I have to sell 4accounts for runescape for money in the game or paypal.I will not elaborate because my English is average and does not want to commit errors. 1# Acc 2#Acc 3#Acc And 4#Acc I bought them myself Offert pleas: P[RSGP/PP] 85 Dung Chaotic Pure level 87, 80 attack Zerker Chaotic w/ 280k Tokens ( 1 2)What you are buying is a "Chaotic Zerker" with 85 Dungeoneering this account is perfect for FROST DRAGONS and can make millions an hour! This account has 134,000 Dungeoneering tokens80 attack to use the chaotic maul. This account is the perfect PKer and I have KOed many 1 def pures and rune pures. I will only accept RSGP / paypal money. This account also has 18 days left of membership and a Gravite 2H and Chaotic Maul! This account has everything you need along with 12M rsgp in items and 8M cash! A/W 200MBuyin 2 level ~60 puresI'm looking to buy two level ~60 pures, MUST have 1 defence, fully quested for pking. Atleast 75+ Range & 70+ Strength and not more than 60. Im not looking to trade with anyone who isnt trusted, so just stay away. Paying up to 50 mil for each[rsgp][pp/wu] Fully Maxed Handcannon Pure [limitless] ( 1 2)[RSGP][PP/WU] FULLY MAXED HANDCANNON PURE [LIMITLESS] Hi guys for sale is my maxed hand cannon pure. This account literately owns everyone in the wilderness with hits 450+ its no surprise with only 74CB. The account is fully quested so not work needs to be put in by you. You can just head straight to that wilderness The reason I put limitless in the title is because this account has the opportunity to turn in to pretty much any other pking style (zerker/turmoil etc..) Stats Items Login No picture yet , but no recoverys , and email is set but i will assist you changing Upon Purchase you will receive a notepad document containing all the relevant information should you ever need to recover it (changed recoveries, isp, previous passwords, everything). Feel free to use a OMM if you would like. Please feel free to PM me or just add me on [email protected] AW: 90 Mill Curent Bid: 30Mill As i am going to collage next week I have lowerded the price from $65 (130Mill) to 90Mill ($45) hoping for a quick sell thanks for lookingSelling At Least 8 Good If Not Great Accounts RSGP ONLY!!!!!!!~CAN MEET IN GAME OR EDIT PICS TO SAY LEGIT MERCHANT IN THEM ON EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT~!!!! My : [email protected] THE AUTOWINS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING ILL TAKE SO YOU CAN BID WHATEVER BUT DONT LOWBALL ME PLEASE THESE ACCOUNTS ARE PRETTY GOOD!!! i bleeped out random stats on each one to keep them to get them banned they are all under 20! pm if you really care about the stat or if you want to know the names of them pm me! 1 the maxed 113 has recovs but will be deleted and all info given, all info will be given to buyer for all accounts but i need extra security for my maxed as it is my favorite all accounts will be subject to a recovery test if applicable Quote: Originally Posted by Legit merchant My is: The Account # I Want Is: My Bid In RSGP Is: account 1: maxed 113 combat 1 pray and sum lowest combat for maxed! a/w 100m RSGP!!! sold account 2: 99 def and 78 att and 40 str have won a fair few 20+ mil stakes can show pics in pms if desired!!! a/w 60m RSGP!!! account 3: 99 hp 75 mage will get to 77 for morr. javs and almost 80 dung can get their if you want!!! a/w 65m RSGP!!! account 4: 9hp!!! rarest of the rare a/w only 30m RSGP!!! account 5: 45 attack 82 hp and 99 str!!! could be a magnificient gmauler!!! a/w 40m RSGP!!! Sold account 6: 99 craft def pureish with a lil summoning has a fighter torso!!! a/w 45m RSGP account 7: 99 mining!!! 91 range!!! 93 mage!!! selling this account mostly for its mining cause i messed it up got it like 10 or 20 summoning so for you guys a/w is only 35m RSGP!!!! Sold account 8: my corrupt vesta longsword pure!!! 87 str 1 def 20 att!!! a/w set only at 20m RSGP!!!
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