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    buying pure for these acchey im buying a pure, tank or initiate pure preferably for these two accounts! im only doing swaps. thanks! heres the accs: sythe/showthread.php?t=1033615 Cane[Rsgp only] 70-87-45 Soulwars zerker CHEAP!Hello, I am now selling my zerker pure for RSGP Only, I know i have a TWC but it will be very rare for me to go first, If we must get a MM then we can i don't mind, I have made 1 trade since i been back earlier for 15m. I got unbanned a month or so ago, So trying to get trusted again before I dispute my TWC. The zerker only has a D scimmy few other things, 2 dragon defenders and 45 zeal from soulwars, I might continue doing soulwars on it in my free time, I will update the zeals if so. This account is originally mine and has not been botted on, I always specify if they have. All accounts i sell are always mine. RSGP Only, NO Account swaps Email: [email protected] Please post your offer, with your email, If you don't I may not respond to your invite.Maxed AGS/Chaotic pure [RSGP]I decided to make a gold shop, so i am selling my maxed chaotic pure. 110-130m AW is 135m. Chaotic rapier, Arcrane stream, 2 set runecrafting robes (Max purely mage) INFO: Blackmarks: 0 Wealth: White phat + 2b cash and red h ween ( All wealth will be removed ) Email: YES email is registered, I will remove it, dont worry, when i find a trader i trust, and a trader that can show me coins ingame. I will send you a notepad, with all infomation you'll need to recover it. Leave your , or add mine: [email protected] Def pure 82 range/94 mage/Smite! (Paypal)hello, I am selling this pure. Offer! A/w= 50$ C/o= .... My is [email protected] Paypal only, I am not going first if i think ur not trusted![PayPal] Selling lvl 71 pure 88 str 85 mage 60 attack has MMOk, so basically I'm willing to sell this account. I'm not quite sure what the price should be so bid away. Once a price has buyer has been chosen i will un register the email as well as the recoveries. Autowin: N/A Current Bid: 50$ I'm trying to upload pictures now.. Please post bids here as i am not on my very much, or send me a pm. thanksSelling 190m agility xp accountPost your offersBuying pure with great brain robbery completed{trusted}Hello sythe today im looking for an account with the barrel chested anchor. you must have completed the great brain robbery. must be 1 defence. Please add my [email protected] or post here with offers. i will be paying with rsgp or paypal. no newcomers or scammers. i will run a check on you and even if only one person calls you out for being a scammer i will not trade with you thanks.[RSGP/Swaps] Selling lvl 62 range pure 81 range! [RSGP/Swaps]Hi everybody, today I'm selling my level 62 range pure. And I know it says swaps in the title, but that was when i first made the thread, I am no longer taking swaps, Just RSGP! There are no recovs or email registered to this account, its never had recovs, i'm the original owner but it has has one email registered to it, but i just took it off I will not go first, unless you are trusted, otherwise we use an MM or you go first. Starting Bid - 1m A/W - 10m Whoever has the leading bid in one hour, gets it. I really need money, i just got cleaned completely of all my's a long story Heres pics!
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