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    [Paypal/RSGP]Selling MAXED 60 att hybrid pure, fully quested, addy gloves,78 [email protected]!Hello Everyone, welcome to my selling thread for my maxed 60 attack pure. I am prefer Paypal offers but will also accept RSGP offers if they are good. I have sold accounts in the past and I have completed 5 successful smooth and easy trades since i joined sythe, two of which were high value accounts. My vouches, one of which includes a vouch from a sythe OMM, can be found here : sythe/showthread.php?p=7685529#post7685529 Of course if you do not want to go first in the trade I am more than willing to use a SYTHE OMM. I WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES GO FIRST IN THE TRADE SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK! And now the fun part, pictures! UPON PURCHASING THE ACCOUNT YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL PAST ACCOUNT INFORMATION INCLUDING MEMBERSHIP PURCHASE DETAILS AND SCREEN SHOTS. I am the original owner of the account Login Screen: Stats: Quests: Bank: Post Your offers Below Current Leading Offer:$125, ****the trade is planned for completion on Tuesday of next week for $125 with Grandgreen34, if the trae goes smooth the account will be sold on Tuesday***** If you have any questions please feel free to post below or send me a pm on sythe. If you wish to talk via just leave your name in a post below and I will add you as soon as I have seen your postlv62 F2P pure 85range/str/mage, ONE PRAY, 40 ATTACKPost here with your /offer, will add to talk :] looking for RSGPSelling lvl 72 Str Pure (60/99/1) for RSGPI am selling this great pure. Here is a pic of stats, recovs, quests, bank, and cash. RECOVERIES AND EMAIL HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF. Here is updated pic MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT because I am asking for RSGP, but if you can only offer paypal, I will see what I can do Offer here please. Leading bid - 60m without cash Second bid - 50m without cash Please read this - I do NOT take swaps. I will NEVER go first. We can use OMM if you want, and we can talk about the fees. I will NEVER let you on the account just to see if it is mine. I will NEVER deny the use of an OMM if you are willing to pay 100% of the fees. I will NOT trade with you if you are unwilling to send me confirmation pms that I will ask you to send.Selling an amazing pure (i)rings 89mage low level 50+all skills [RSGP]Hello sythe Adam here selling this sexy pure with (i) seers/archer ring 50+all skills and 27m cash - can be taken off if requested! Im looking for rsgp you first or omm Add [email protected] 68! Fully Quested! Addy Gloves! Barrage!Hey everyone, I'm only selling this account because I need some cash on my main. Has about a month membership left, and is fully quested. Addy gloves, Horror from the deep, Desert treasure, everything. I am looking for paypal or RSGP. It has about 5.8m on it too. Thanks for looking.[3X 99] Selling EPIC Moneymaker! [99RC][RSGP]As the title Says. The thread is currently on Powerbot. powerbot/vb/showthread.php?t=691488 I've been trying to sell this account for a while now, and nobody seems to want to buy it aha. I will get a OMM or a VMM at the trade, and costs will be split. Thanks for reading guys/gals. Contact: [email protected] Leave your offer and your Email in a post and i and i only will get back to you Via . ADD NOBODY ELSE!!! I have also posted this thread in the other acc section. OTHER THREAD: sythe/showthread.php?t=108884781 cb, 82 range,75 mage,71 str,73 hp,60 att & def. Dt and monkey madness complete.81 cb, 82 range,75 mage,71 str,73 hp,60 att & def. Dt and monkey madness complete. i will accept a 1 month rs membership card or rsgp. pls send me offers. if interested add me on rs : gag on thatt. i will show you the account and verify the levels.Selling 99 str/81 attack/42 def FULL VOID cmbt 96! PVP MONSTERhello sythe members and thank you for viewing my post. I am currently selling my voider. I am accepting RSGP or PAYPAL ONLY. Please add me to discuss further details. TRADE METHODS: If your trusted enough i will go first. 50/50 you first. OMM at YOUR fees. GL happy bidding! bank wealth is next to nothing BECAUSE I LOVE TO DICE! : [email protected] : [email protected] : [email protected] : [email protected]
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