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    Low level account shopHello, im selling these accounts. - Email login - 1 hits people with D-Bow - Low Hp Current bid : xx - Plain rune pure Current bid : xxA baby Obby pureHey , im fairly new, and just thought about selling my obby pure. What it has: Mithril gloves 23 Quest points 43 Str -> i can get it to 60 for you, its pretty easy. -> can get 80 + without leveling. It has 18 slayer for ava's - for you to decide if you want 13 pray or stay 1. It has 5 attack for accuracy. 61 Range. Please offer sensiable, ill sell when satisfied.[RSGP] Selling Dungeoneering Pure [PayPal]Welcome, I bought this account from 'Evlin' some time ago. I didn't really use it since then, so I'm selling it. Quote: Never been member. 1 Defence I have all information. (First IP, first password, etc.) Stats: Combat level: Tokens: Lobby: Account status: : [email protected] A/W = 10M - No swaps[Donn] Iban pure [Click]Hello people, I making a Iban pure. If it finished i gonna sell it i think. The skills at the moment #Day 1 : All i need now is a member month, then i can quest the attack and doing the ranged to level 25[70 Ranged] Selling Ranged Pure [1 Defence]Selling this Ranged pure. Quote: 1 Defence Good starter staker/PK'er. I have all information. Stats: Combat level: Wealth: Lobby: I will remove the E-mail when I found a buyer. I can't read the unread messages somewhy, I think it's a bug. Account status: : [email protected] A/W = 10M - No swapsSelling Range/2h pure $20 or 30mI am negotiable : [email protected] Or send me a PMSelling 1 Def pure $20He has a good name, just dont want to play anymore. Paypal or moneybookers only. Will take $20 or 25m can negotiate.~##~ [SELLING] Unique Skiller ~##~ ( 1 2)Hello, I'm finally selling my skiller, after I've enjoyed it alot and skilling it the time has come to move back to my main. It has 10hp with 60 defence so it can wear dragon as a combat 18, is pretty cool to showoff : ) Several 99's and 1 nearly 99. Also has full agile. I am the first and only owner of this account and I have all information. I will accept both RSGP or real cash. I will remove the recovery questions and tell you the bank PIN upon sale, not beforehand. I will be happy to go first to TRUSTED people only, if you're not you get an MM and pay for it yourself. If you do not want to get an MM, you will be going first, or no sale. EDIT: Also has a 3 letter/number name Pics: CURRENT BID : 40m
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