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    Selling 3space Name pure/firecape/96range/95mage QuestedSelling lvl 73+7 Pure (3space name) Stats - 60att/82str/1def/95mage/96range/52pray/57summon/Firecape. Mith gloves/MM & DT done. -Not going first unless you are trusted & You pay Omm fee's - Add my : [email protected] Ask for vouches!Selling this little beast pker [PP]hello all time to quit whit rs and focus on school selling my pure now: Stats: Bank ; Quests: E-mail and recoverys gonna be removed when a serious buyer is found All pure quests done DT,MM,HFD (guthix) , Elemental I&II, addy gloves all happy bidding no rsgp no swap pp onlySELLING BEAST PURE! 2 99,s 94mage/92range 91 fishingfully quested with adamant gloves post offers below.. mm will be used. sent as gift only.. also taking rsgp .80/mLevel 76 Chaotic Maul/Staff pureHey guys here to sell this beast of an account For a good mate, Just needs some quests done and abit of training, and it will be fine. Not sure on what he want for the account, You can discuss the price over . He will not be going first because he do NOT want to be scammed for 3 def. My is [email protected] , Post your offers on , Thanks. Here are some pics.S> Maxed Bonus 80 Init pure, 91 Str FirecapeSelling one of my best pures, maxed bonus, quested, fire cape. RSGP or Paypal. Dt Done Rune Gloves Fire Cape I can delete recovs whenever. I will be using an omm. I need this sold ASAP, best offer wins. add my : [email protected] 60/92/1 for a membership pin!!!!Hey, I have an account my friend gave me awhile ago. I do not know the info to recover but i've owned it for 4 months now. Due to this account not be 100% secure, I will be selling it for only one membership pin for my tank. Add [email protected] Tank Ranger with 99 Ranged.Cheap as chit. 10m a/wSelling NASTY level 61 [76 Dung, 80 Str, 1 Def, 45 Att] [RSGP]PLEASE read everything before you post!!! Hey guys i'm selling this sick pure. He has: 45 Attack 80 Str 69 hp 1 Def 31 Pray 51 Mage AND 76 Dungeoneering!!!! He only has around 400k worth of items but he has a Gravite Rapier which is worth 40k Dung tokens and he also has 93k tokens at the moment. It has no recovs but it does have an email (not mine) so theres virtually no chance of it being recovered Pictures of everything are below Recovs: Stats: Dungeoneering Proof: I am accepting only RSGP and MAYBE account swaps only if they're really good though. Reply by posting on here or on : [email protected]
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