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    [Swap] Looking For Gmaul/Obby Pure [Swap]Looking for either a Gmaul or Obby Pure Selling this because I never use it anymore and have another account I play on. I will remove or change email once I see a good enough account. Cb: 123 All important quests are done: 197 Qp Bank is pretty much empty besides some holiday and few other items. Stats: Login: Holiday Items:Selling AMAZING Chaotic Pure Fully Quested.Selling my chaotic pure, As you can see in the pics its plenty good enough due to being a chaotic pure, i will accept rsgp or a g mauler account not too low though please and quests done would be an advantage, many thanks for looking here are some pics. As You can see i dont play it anymore and i think that it deserves a better home as it does have great potential, [email protected] Adress, Trade will be dealt with by an omm at your expense or you can go first and all trades including with an mm will be recorded for safety purposes, Account recovery attempt will also be essential so i know i am safe with the acc, i can also provide info on this acc so you can recover and do what you like with, I am The ONLY owner and person who has logged into this account so i know therefore it is 100% safe for the buyerSelling level 94 - 40 def/94str/80attIt has a lot of good quests done. rune gloves, d scim, NO DT. As you can see the acct is old. I dont play rs and need money for WoW lol. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Things I would like to take as an offer: -WoW gamecards -Team Fortress 2 Unusual Hats -Possibly other game accounts -Iphone4 -Any other offers welcome I dont want this account so buy it quick. I might not check this site much but I will do my best to keep up with offers. Please and thanks. Your boy, Snoooop![RSGP]Buying a Sick G Maul Rusher[Overpriced]Hello there, i am looking to buy a G Maul Rusher that meets the following requirements : 1.) Stats: 1.1 : Strength Level 85+ 1.2 : Magic Level 82 (May vary between 82-85) 1.3 : Prayer 31 (If your account has 43/52 prayer simply let me know) 1.4 : Hitpoints level MUST NOT BE SOULWARS'D. 2.) Quests : 2.1 Desert Treasure 2.1.1 (Optional) Recipe for Disaster Adamant Gloves (No must have but will raise price) 2.2 Animal Magnetism (Only if the account comes with 70+ Range) 3.) Prices : 3.1 All Requirements met : At least 25m (Price depending on other details, may vary up to a maximum of 175m) 3.2 One Requirement left out : Possibly 15-20m (depending on left out part) 3.3 More than one Requirement left out : Varies between 2m-20m. 4.) No Goes : 3.1 Attack level over 50 3.2 Magic level over 94 3.3 Prayer level over 52 3.4 Hitpoints level under 65 3.5 Desert Treasure not completed 3.6 Defence level over 1 3.7 Summoning level over 1 3.8 No Permanentally muted Accounts 4.) Reply Form : How Many of the Requirements above does your account fit?: If it doesn't fit all , which one is missing: Please leave me a link to your sales thread: Please let me know your desired Price : Which method would you like to use (I go first/Omm @ split fees): Thank you all for looking at my post and i am hoping to find an account that i like as soon as possible.Selling Beast Pure With 99 Mage/99 Hp/95 Str/60 Att! [RSGP]Hey guys, Hockeyfan here selling my BOSS account with amazing stats. It also has a chaotic staff for mage boxing. I love it, and it owns most things at pking. I probably won't go first, but I will be using an OMM/trusted mm. Add me on , [email protected] 99 def 99 range tanker with 99 [email protected][email protected] [RSGP]yes i am selling my favorite tanker as i do not use him anymore and want to focus on my 1 def pure. i have no a/w price so feel free to bid whatever and add my to discuss: [email protected] This account is very good at soloing arma and i personally have killed him 12 times in 1 trip. also has 94 mage for veng and does very well in wildy! comes with 99 mining also! i will remove the email and such when i have serious buyer and it is a username log in not an email!Looking for a decent pure.Hello Sythe.. i'm looking for an decent pure to buy.. i can offer RSGP or $$$ via. Paypal. No Newcomers. 1-10 Defence 1-45 Prayer 1-60 attack 90+ Magic is a must 80+ Ranged 80+ Strenght Addy/mithril gloves Dt completed chaotic pures will be accepted if 80 attack with an chaotic weapon. Have 200$ - 250MRSGP to deal with, and im willing to go first. PM here or inbox me on sythe before adding me.!Selling Level 66 Main account Best offer..!!Hello, I'm selling my account for best offer.. I am just trying to get a little starting cash for a skiller i am making. I am not asking for much so you tell me what you think its worth. :) Account Has 57 Quest Points and about 1m worth of item, Plus Has D boots in bank. I am NOT looking for anything but RSGP or Items I Do Not have paypal that is why.. So give me your best offer. I am looking to get a membership pin or about 10m out of this account hurry and buy people,
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