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    [Sell] 99 Mage 10 HP 50CB [RSPG]Selling a lvl 50, with 99 mage and 10 hp. It has membership, the membership was put on 2 days ago, via Runescape Membership card. I'll provide Email address, and recovery questions. A/W is 45m(.50/m) you can use a OMM at your expensives. Contact me via : [email protected] ://gyazo/40f8cb72cd7bcd1652fbf29e991834df ://gyazo/c52cb4b8df2cdf6bd425a0e0fa17554b ://gyazo/d663b8fc7cd757b880d9f659b9b49863 ://gyazo/4dc1fc98234d085e6cff66f51cfaca65[PayPal] Selling Level 3 with 98 DUNGEONEERING [RSGP] ( 1 2)Sold.Selling Gmaul Rusher!! cb:55!!!! ( 1 2)Hey guys it's The Fish once again selling an account Im selling my Gmaul Rusher He has DT done and an 82 mage for ice blitz i only accept RSGP so please post your offers here!!! Proof of DT: Stats: Small Bank:Selling Summoning tank, looking for RSGP!Today, i'm putting my summoning tank on the market, if you want to know anything about the account, add [email protected] The pictures say it all, the account currently has no gold or items, got cleaned out dicing and just want to make a 1 defence pure. And the recoveries and email that are registered with the account will be given with purchase, The only reason I have them is to avoid scammers. PLEASE ONLY REPLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MY POST!selling lvl 54 cheapalmost all f2p quests finished just need dragon slayer simple account not to much on it just asking for like 3-7m for it. message me at [email protected] scammers be warned if you attempt to scam your in for a big surprise.Selling my lvl 47 mage with 70 magic[RSGP only]Hey guys selling my lvl 46 mage with 70 magic....pretty straight foward, no cash on account does come with like 25 days of membership (was put on with sms pin, will give information when bought), no recovs and no email registered. Also no A/w just bid away lol ok thanks! Also only need 3 more quests and 10 slayer to do DT so yeah. RECOVS :// Stats :// Quests :// Gravite Pure Ready To Go! 50+ Summon!hey im selling my account for rsgp only right now im taking all offers. 50+ SUMMONING BANKED! really good stats the account has no recoveries, no email set.[buying] F2p Range/2h Pure [rsgp]Hey there, I'm wanting to buy a F2P Range 2h pure. The minimum stats the account needs to have is: Range - 75 Strength 75 Defense no higher then 1. Edit: If your account does not meet the requirements but is still decent, please throw me an offer, for example, 40 strength, with 90 range. Please contact me either in this thread, private message or on my : [email protected] -If you are trusted, I am more then happy to go first. Thanks for your time.
Thread Status:
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