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    62 Attack, 92 Strength, 1 Defence, G2H,G.Rapier[RSGP/Paypal]I have posted this account for sale before but that thread is old and closed. So here's the new updated stats for the pure. I'm taking offers of paypal money or RSGP. I would prefer paypal though. Thanks[SWAP][RSGP][1Def] Lv72 Pure [95Range][86Strength]I have decided to let go of my current pure. The account has most major quests done. The big one I am missing is Desert Treasure. The account has addy gloves and damaged zamorak book. It is combat 72 and gets very good and easy kills in the wilderness. The email registered is unknown to me as I just used a throwaway account a long time ago. I am mainly looking for a level 3 skiller with a username login with around4 99s. Please dont hesitate to bid RSGP. Looking to sell fast and will only go first to a very trusted member. C/b = 30m A/w = ??mSelling 5 Runescape accounts! [RSGP] or SWAP.[SELLING CHEAP] is "[email protected]" Private message me or post below, all accounts have no Recovery email/Recovery questions. accounts: This Range tank is very good for pking. Combat: 65 This is my obby maul tank, also good for pking. Combat: 47 This account was being transformed into a whip pure, but i quit on it. has good potential. Combat: 66 This is my range/ddsing pure. Also has BEAST mining! UPDATE, (NOW HAS DEFENCE AND 74 COMBAT) And last but not least, this is a level 84 main account who has 85 woodcutting, a torso, and dragon defenders. Combat: 84 Offer any offer on all accounts! thanksHybrid pure ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Recoveries will be changed to the buyers after purchase. EMAIL NOW REMOVED Not much to say really MM done DT done HFTD done Charms to get 57 sum and use Ghrakk and 50 RC to craft nats 76 Hunter for hunting Chins Good money making account and epic pker Able to smite out plenty of claws LOOKING FOR RSGP OR PAYPAL NO SPAWPS I WILL NOT GO FIRST, WE CAN USE OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE. A/W: 25M Current bid: 16M [RSGP] $13[PayPal]Selling Chaotic Pure! 200k Tokens Arcane Stream! Fully Quested!Selling my old chaotic pure got a new 60 attack 1 def pure don't use it anymore, Using OMM, 50m A/W, Add My To Offer: [email protected] Staring Bid: 25mI'm selling 5 accounts! 20m for all of them!I'm selling all 5 of these accounts! all of em' for 20m! or you can buy them seperately. is, "[email protected]" thanks! sythe/showthread.php?t=1257411 Info: I only accept Western union, Moneybookers and bank transfers. Bank transfers how ever only from canadian people. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. I will how ever use a middle man. Please do not post low offers. When posting please leave / inbox me your . Starting bid: 50$ A/W: 150+ (unsure atm) Account Info: - Fully quested + turmoil. - It has ADDY gloves but you can get rune without levelling defence. - It has 94 dungeoneering (100k extra tokens) + it has a rapier , staff, 2 arcanes and a tomb of frost. - The account is ready to pk.(RSGP) 88 str 75 attack 45 defense 43 prayer 1 MONTH MEM 16MYou get all that for 16m. If you're interested, post. And THEN I will post pictures. Thanks guys
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