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    ♥[RSGP]♥ Selling Epic 1Def Pure // Fcape// Addies// Fully Quested. ♥[RSGP] ( 1 2)Hello Everyone! ^-^~ I am fairly new to Sythe, so I have only 5 vouches. anyways, I'm here today to sell you an account. The account is 1 Def Pure. It has 72 Mage, 72 Range, 43 Pray, 60 attk, 66 str, 1Defense The Account is Fully quested with DT, MM Done. Done RFD for Addies, bearmask, avas is also complete I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU'RE TRUSTED Either you go first, or we use an OMM/MM (Fees on you) Upon Purchase, I will provide ALL Info! (Recovs, Old Passwords, Creation Date, ISP, etc.) Pictures of account I cant delete recovs! will do recov test. I will also Set your email to yours upon purchase. and a recovery test can be used. ______________________________________________ I am accepting payments of only RSGP (Runescape Gold Pieces) Post offers below or PM me. [: ______________________________________________ A/W: 40m Current Bid: None42 Defence Godsword Rune Pure/Void Pure *CHEAP*Selling this account for RSGP. Starting bid at 5m. Autowin is 10m. Has Rune Gloves & All major quests done. Good deal. Selling because I want some cash to fund my d claw pure. It pks great with AGS or claws and is very fun to multi Pk on EDIT: Comes with this account free![rsgp]Buying a pure![rsgp]Hello, i am buying a decent pure and these are the requirements: desert tresure completed monkey madness complete decent strength 60-75 attack 1 defence I am willing to pay up to 20mil I will trade with trusted members only. Thanks in advace_.-*^*-._Selling level 62 Pure Hybrid_.-*^*-._My Email: [email protected] Notable stats: Strength: 67 Range: 71 Prayer: 31 Defence: 1 Mage: 82 Dung: 46 HP: 68 Pics: Stats: flickr/photos/ CB: flickr/photos/ Recoveries/Email: flickr/photos/ I will accept Paypal gift/Official . I am asking $10+ for this account.Selling Level 97 Zerker! 4x99'sLooking to sell my Zerker. Level 97. 4 99s. Membership till Late December. Done Most of Main quests. The account is no use to me now. Seeing as I'm starting college now. I haven't played the account properly for many months now.. By all means I will use a MM or OMM. I'm looking for around $45[Due to being low on quests] for this account. OR RSGP: 80 Million. [For selling purposes] Offer: Looking for serious buyers. P.S I can put the account on PlayerUp if you would feel more comfortable doing it via there. Contact: : [email protected] : Andrew.venning2 Phone(UK): 07796984710 Contact me via one of those. If anymore questions or quires please don't hesitate to Message me via sythe/. Or leave a message on the thread. Kind Regards. AndySelling almost done turmoil pure.So im selling my almost done turmoil pure, its 90 prayer. Pictures : Login : email and recovery questions will be removed when i get a buyer. Stats and nontradeable items : Maul has 75% and rapier 50% charge. Combat is 98+8. Cursed prayers : It has no black marks at all so i wont even bother to add the picture. Lowest bid is 50m No autowin. Also taking PayPal but only from trusted users. if your interested in this account please post ur messenger here or pm me with your messenger.Buying Turm Pures 30-45 defence and 60 attacktitle says it all. i have up to 300m to spend add my [email protected][PP or WoW] 89 cmb 99 mageNotable stats are 72 attack, 75 str, 72 def 86 fishing, 81 cooking, 99 mage, 70 construction, 62 prayer, and 45 dung. With around 8m wealth on it. Really looking for WoW gametime cards but I will accept paypal from TRUSTED members.
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