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    Selling lvl 91 99 Agility! and 4 other 99sselling lvl 91 with 5 99s. Agility, firemaking, cooking, woodcutting, and fletching. it may or may come with about 8m maybe 9m depends on price i get offered. i will only be taking rsgp!!! nothing else i will use a mm or omm on your fees. and i will never go first. so either u go first or you get a mm or omm that i agree with. messege me here or on thanks. pic of acc: Uploaded with ImageShack.usselling lvl 81 accusername- asas1on pker, display name- lx lx lx ix stats- 99 mage, 72 str, 60 attac, 52 prayer, 35 defence, 77 range, 71 hp-it has done DT and MM. looking for rsgp offers, reply on forum for offers.Selling lvl91 zerker![RSGP]I'm selling my lvl91 zerker that I don't play on anymore. Aw: 25mil You go first do 50/50 or we use a trusted OMM you pay fees and yes I will allow a recovery test. Quests: Did most of the free quests, Lost City, Monkey Madness, Animal Magnetism, The Fremennik Trials, The Grand Tree, Priest in Peril, Tree Gnome Village, Waterfall Quest.Selling Level 64 PureSelling this pure, quests done: Monkey Madness Lost City Desert Treasure Death Plaetau RFD ( Mithril Gloves ) Horror From the Deep Pretty much every quest a pure needs. Has 76 str now , same cb level. Offers ?[RSGP][Paypal] ALL ACCOUNTS HERE MUST GO-OFFERAccepting Runescape gold or payment via paypal. All these accounts i have no use for so they must go. Happy bidding. Level 88 l Good mid level to begin on l Pure l Granite mauler l 58 combat Pure l Granite mauler l 49 Combat bat l 1 def pure for 15mYea, im buying a 1 def pure for 15m No recoveries or email, recovery test WILL be done. We will use an MM DT needs to be done Pref an Gmauler with dt done but come with offers!Selling Beast Zerker Pure l 99 str+mage l Fully quested l Barrows GlovesHey Guys, selling my beast zerker pure that is fully quested with barrows gloves. Account has done lunars and all the of the turmoil sub-quests. This account can get turmoil w/o raising defence. I am the original owner. Will be accepting rsgp and rsgp only no swaps sorry. Post here b4 you hit up my Any further questions just ask Has an AWESOME name add my - [email protected] A/W = 55m Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Gl bidding! If you want an OMM you pay fees, up to you.Selling Starter Zerk , 99 Hunt , 89 Theiving!Selling Starter Zerk With 99 Hunt and 89 Theiving Only 79 Range , Never Had Recoveries or Email Add My Or Offer Below. [email protected] Thanks
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