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    [Selling] ALMOST Maxed 60 Attack Pure! [Selling]Sup guys, I'm bored of this account. RS is filled with kids that just rush, then tele. Pking is no longer fun for me, anymore. However, I would like to have a go at staking, and for that reason I'd like to sell the account for RSGP. i1119.photobucket/albums/...g?t=1305262186 Account has 99 Range, Mage, and 96 Strength with around 20 zeal saved up. The account has all the quests done that a pure needs. (Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, etc) The account has no recovery questions, or E-Mail. i1119.photobucket/albums/...g?t=1305262492 The account IS 100% LEGIT, and has no risk of being banned/reset, rolledback, or what have you. i1119.photobucket/albums/...g?t=1305262689 Let's start the bidding at 50m, shall we? I can show you the account in-game if desired, and you can contact me on AIM: Steven9640.Selling Level 94 Runescape AccountThis Account is pretty much a Pure and a Skiller it has many different high stats and okay money and some decent items. This is whats in the bank. And heres the Character and the Stats not too bad I must say.. During the deal I will email you the recovery Answers and other information. Also this account currently has members, It will recur May 16th i will add a free month as well with purchase. The price im looking for this account is from $80-$100 My Email is [email protected][RSGP/WU]Selling level 60 Pure - Range/Gmaul - FIRECAPE - Great PKER!Welcome to my sale, First of all, I won't go first to you. We can get an MM or if you're really trusted I will go first. I'm the 2nd owner of this account, the first owner is a very trusted member from Sythe. He will verify this once you're interested in purchasing. I have all recoverable information for this. If you want to buy a safe account to keep and not get recovered, you've found the right sale! It has a rare 2 spaced name. E.g like this H_I (not actual name) I accept RSGP/WU Only. Don't offer anything else, I will not PM Me | [email protected] Bid away! A/W: 75mSelling Pro Staker / Zerker CHEAP! [PayPal]Selling cheap because my friend hacked it and got it permanently muted for advertising websites to scam >.> I will supply all details to the acc - /exact date when it was created /recovery questions /previous passwords It has 6.3M and would make an epic staker (because it has no prayer / summon) Good account to stake and transfer cash to your main! another notable skill is 72mining I accept PayPal only; unless you can transfer RSGP to a level 3 for me and i will sell the RSGP. Trusted members only please. Post offersSelling Nice Range PureAccounts attack is fully quested. Has black gloves and alot of reqs for addy. A/W=30M is in sigSelling Almost Maxed Zerker|99str|99mage|Barrows Gloves|VengeanceHey Guys, selling my beast zerker pure that is fully quested with barrows gloves. Account has done lunars and all the of the turmoil sub-quests. This account can get turmoil w/o raising defence. I am the original owner. Will be accepting rsgp and rsgp only no swaps sorry. Post here b4 you hit up my Any further questions just ask Has an AWESOME name add my - [email protected] A/W = 65m? We can work something out. If you want a MM, please pay fees. NOTICEABLE QUESTS FINISHED Lunar Diplomacy Monkey Madness Desert Treasure Recipe for Disaster And almost all Turmoil quests except for 2 or 3!!Buying low level rapier pureHi, I'm buying a low-level rapier pure. Please don't bother posting if you joined after april of 2011. I'm NOT going first to anyone unless they have 30+ vouches. If you don't have 30+ vouches we are using a OMM, (you pay fees) and i want a full recovery test. Please post here with a picture of the account (with your sythe name somewhere in the chat screen) and pm me with your afterwords. Thank you all.Selling Pure Ddser pureSelling this ddser fast! Looking for about 5-6mil that is it......2 defence did not affect its level....******* mage defense stance =/ Post your offer and below please
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