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    selling a good rune/zerker pure ( 1 2)~Sold~[RSGP] Selling cheap lvl. 94 w/ 85wc.The starting price is 12m RSGP. I do not want to sell for over 25m though. i56.tinypic/2chq8uo.png[Paypal/RSGP] Lv 85 zerker pure w/ Fire cape, 89 range, and 85 strength!Has fire cape I am the original owner of this account. This account has 96 qp, If you buy I will provide previous passwords, date created, isp made on and any others you might want. The account does not have recoveries. Post on here before adding my please. Will will you OMM you pay first, or you go first. Comes with soul wars bot Paypal ONLY or RSGP is [email protected] nice 2 def pure 99 str & 99 wc, 94 mage [DT,Addygloves done] ( 1 2)So i'm selling nice pure I'm accepting only rs cash and paypal. Acc dont got recoveries or bank pin, Also account dont got email anymore its removed. Im new here but still I'm not going first if your not so trusted othwerwise you will go first or use if you pay it from your own money Acc got full Unholy book with all 4 pages Acc is done DT, monkey maddnes and it got addy gloves and avas accumalator etc, 52 prayer is good for claws pk when you use smite on non high risk world you can get claws with luck Account combat lvl is 80 (defence is not giving any cb lvls) So give me offers via paypal or rsgp for more info add my or pm here or post here add my : [email protected] here is pictures:[rsgp] selling this RANGE tank for 7m [rsgp]please private message me to buy this range tank we will meet in game and i will take the recoveries and email off when i get a buyer thank you.Selling level 83+7 AGS Pure || 1 Def || 2 99's || ( 1 2)Hello, i have a fully quested AGS pure that i am bored of therefore i may be selling it depending if anyone is interested, because the last account i tried to sell no one was interested and it was very good. Anyway! it has about 10m bank! all pure quests done, addy gloves, books filled, mm, dt etc.. 88QP overall. looking for Rs GP mainly. AutoWin: 110M I am also the original owner completly - with all details. Stats are: Quests: Thanks post below please.Selling Great Mager/Main/SkillerRECOVERYES AND EMAIL WILL COME OFF WHEN A BUYER IS FOUND. Selling this great Mager/Main/Skiller. This account can be sold with all of its cash stack on it, or Money removed for a cheaper price on the account. About the account: Not an email log-in. Use to be member's, now isn't. Enough runes for 99 magic. No offences, account is in green zone. I am the original owner of this account. Was botted 3 months ago, Haven't been used for botting since. This account can be used for somebody that wants a good started main, a skiller, or much more. The possibilitys are endless. How the trade will be done: I will only go first if the cash-stack is removed. 50/50 OMM (You pay fee's) Please review the pictures bellow. A/W - $100.00 With Cash/ $30.00/30m RSGP - Without CashSelling 99 Wcer/Potential BoxerSelling this account I did not bot this account this was an account that I just had fun with and played off and on, check out the stats in the picture. It comes with the dragon hatchet and somewhere close to 500 magic logs. Payment Methods: RSGP/WU/MG/Interac/BankTransfer Will go first to very, very trusted people if not you go first or pay the OMM fees. Can login to meet if you want. Bid on the account by filling out this form. - Don't put your e-mail in the contact instead just say e-mail and pm'd. Payment Method: Bid: Contact: LOGIN PIC: STATS PIC:
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