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    [rsgp]Selling hybrid pure with ancients[rsgp]Hi im selling my ownage pure, it owns at about everything its strength needs to be trained some but is great for hybriding. Im asking for rsgp cash ONLY, i will not go first, you must pay for omm. Throw me some offers, around a 500k bank The range is a little blurry but its 86 and mage is 83[Rsgp]Paypal][Willgofirst] Selling decent stakerNot looking to get scammed so if i dont deem you trusted we use MM of my pickingTrading Great pure for a main with turmoil!!!!Okay guys im trading this awesome pure for a account with turmoil all it needs is turmoil the pure is poor so the account im trading for doesnt need any money at all.. so thanks guys btw ill only be trading with super trusted members on here so yeah.(RSGP/SWAPS) Low level Barrows Pure - High stats.Today i am selling my low level barrows pure. This is a special account, at 95 most accounts are still 1 defence, or 45. But with 70 defence this account is perfect for low level hybriding or tanking. This account has a total level of 1645 with 12 skills over level 80. Has done all major quests and has 2 99's. I know this account is not the best pker in the world, but it could make a great mage boxer, or low level hybrid. So i will not be selling it for mega bucks, anything around 50-100M i will take. Rules - i know about 5 OMM'S who will moderate our trade or otherwise you go first. Please post on here or add me on [email protected][CHEAP!/$10]Selling Low Level Pure[3M+ Wealth]I am currently selling one of my main accounts that I used to play with on RuneScape before I quit. The account is a pure (has 1 defense) and has 92 fletching. The account was a member, yet it is no longer one - hasn't been for about 6 months. The account has never been botted on, nor received a single infraction. The account has a bank pin, which will be supplied to the buyer upon purchase. There is absolutely NO recovery questions! Once the account has been purchased, you will receive full access to the account. I have enlisted some details about the account below: Code: Price: $10.00 USD Username: ---- Password: ---- Bank Pin: ---- Combat: High 50's or Low 60's Wealth: 3M+ Member: No Recovery Questions: None Black-Marks: 0Pictures: I am asking $10.00 USD for this account. If you are interested please reply on this thread or PM me. I would like to inform everyone, this is in no way a scam or a hack. This is a legit account sale, as I am new to this community and would never scam. Thanks.[rsgp]lvl 73 Staker 90hp. Beast. (paypal)so selling this account now for a/w 30m here are the stats : LOG in : willing to go first to trusted users. otherwise im willing to use mm or omm etc and fees will be paid by you. No blackmarks and what so ever. IF INTERESTED, add [email protected][ OMM | 500+ Vouches ] Selling 69 Cb Pure | 92 Range | 1 Def | 87 Mage | 75 Hp / StrYou can view my 500+ vouches here The Pictures: Stats + Wealth: Login Screen: Offenses: Quests: Additional Information: The recovery questions on this account IS mine, and will be provided upon purchasing the account. The email address on this account IS mine, and will be changed to yours upon purchasing the account. I am NOT the original owner of this account. The original owner is: Saint Of Sins who currently has 34 Vouches found HERE. I have had the account in my possession for just over two months. I have NOT tested the recovery information given to me by him, although I have recovered the account once using my email registered to the account, which was successful. If anything happens to the account after the sale, I will do my best to help you out. Terms Of Service: By posting on this thread, you agree that I am not to be held responsible for this account after the sale, as I'm not the original owner. I will NOT go first to anyone I deem less trusted then myself. I am more then happy to include and OMM, at your expense. I will ONLY accept RSGP for this account. I do NOT pay ANY fees. Leading Bid: Quote: Originally Posted by BizdoG If i could afford it i'd buy it right now, however i'd like to offer 65m. Autowin: 100m RSGP.[PayPal] AWESOME ZEKER ACCOUNT [4][99's] HIGH SKILLS [PAYPAL]Hey Guys, Today i'm selling a great potential main has 4 skillcapes! 93 hunter and some very great stats, I have no time for the account anymore because I just got a full-time job, i hope you can have as much fun on this account as I did! On purchase you will get all old passwords/recoveries/zip code/old membership pin/ and isp IF you want to use OMM It will be at your cost! Auto Win: 50$ Other things: * I'm the original owner of the account, created the account somewhere in '08. * My account is in the safe zone. No infractions whatsoever so far. * Has Great Stats Note: If you want more screenshots or information about the account, feel free to PM me or to post here. Also, don't even try to scam me or anything. You're just wasting your time. Offer away. PM ME IN SYTHE! [email protected]
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