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    [RSGP] Selling 96 Zerker Pure | 83 attack | 93 strength | Firecape [RSGP]Double post sorry.Buying an account with either 99 range or 99 strHey guys, i am wanting to get an account with a 99 stat as ive never had one before, i want a combat skill like range or strength. I can offer you either 10/15m RSGP or 2 accounts, 1 is a main lvl 90combat i think and the other is a hybrid lvl 35 combat with 30atk 1def 46str 47range 41mage. I will not go first unless the user is trusted. THANKSSell Amazing Zerk Pure!Hey Guys! Im selling this amazing pure! Paypal and RSGP! RSGP! A/W is 60m PayPal! A/W is 20 usd picss---------------- stats: login: Text your here or pm me your !|||*** Selling Staker ***|||I'm selling a great staking account! This account is a pro armor staker that already comes with Vesta Long Sword and Full Statius. This account is extremely versatile as it also has 99 mage (no combats are gained) which can make a great mage boxer as well! I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE CREATION EMAIL AS WELL A TXT FILE WITH ALL DETAILS (TRANSACTION ID'S, CREATION DATE, PREV PASSWORDS, ETC.) COMBAT LVL 90 THIS ACCOUNT IS GREAT FOR ARMOR STAKING AND CAN EASILY MAKE OVER 100M A DAY Login: Statius/VLS: Stats: Terms:I WILL GO FIRST IF I CONSIDER YOU TRUSTWORTHY! IF NOT WE WILL USE AN OMM! I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS! PAYMENT METHODS RSGP AND PAYPAL (CLAIM AND CANCEL) STARTING BID: 40M/$20 AUTOWIN:????Selling Initiate pure [Chaotic Maul]Hey guys im going to be selling this initiate pure that i have had for a while I know im new but we will be using an omm to do trades I am only taking Rsgp! A/W: 150m The account is almost fully quested it doesnt have animal magnetism or horror from the deep done but other then that it has everything else. If you want to make a it a turm pure i did a lot of quest for it there are only 5-6 quest left for turm. There is also 100k tokens left to spend if you want another chaotic then its only 100k tokens away It has a gravite 2h/rapier for f2p pking if you want and also a cdragon b axe degraded i want this to be a quick trade and i will take email off when the acc gets soldThe perfect range/hp stakerHey guys i'm looking for RSGP only, since I staked about 5b on this account, it's time to quit this and move on with my resetted turmoil pker This kind of account make BILLIONS staking, trust me for example look at this vid ; youtube/watch?v=iXDHEBZAK00 . Picture tells stats and whatsoever Strength level is 32 cuz I had to use kick to get zeals to get 99hp. C/o= A/w= Not set yet I will give all info I have to perform a recovery test , can use a OMM if you wishSelling lvl 74 cb w/88str & 77dung *GOING CHEAP*Welcome! Im selling my level 72cb pure for either 20m RSGP or 12$ paypal for auto win, but feel free to post offers below. Everything you need to see/know is below. This is mostly made for the purpose of a frost dragon bot. But possible to get gloves and turn into legit pure. Thank you for your time. [/IMG] I have all the questions and answers to recoveries. & will set the email to yours during buying process. *Update:He now has 44 prayer* Some stats are blurred for identification purposes. Thank you for checking this out, message me on here with any questions. :)Nice pure, CHAOTIC!Failed 3 defence, dosen't make too much of a differnce. It's not even 1 whole cmb level. It can still be turned into a very nice initiate or turmoil pure with prosleyte, I personally don't have the money for turmoil, though. NB wealth I guess, has almost 18m total (few bits and bobs in bank still) Needs some questing done on it, although, it has nice skills for quests req's as you can see, the cook/thieve/agil etc for dt/rfd Has a rapier, and another 4k tokens towards somthing else if you wish Pretty boss in wildy, I use rapier -> dds. ALOT of combos of 250-350 + my max so far is 363 with the rapier. If interested please post or pm me, I have in sig or pm for that. I am looking for rsgp for this account and I will not go first. Or use that OMM or whatever at your cost, you will need to explain this to me though as I don't know how to work sythe. I do have d2jsp if you have FG to offer.
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