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    Selling lvl 93 Acc its lvl 102 in p2pIm Selling an Lvl 102 acc It Has not that much stuff if you want stats add My [email protected] im selling it for like 18M20 Def 99 Range Pure 95 Mage 1m Items>>>>>> Hey guys i have a sick pure for you guys and some others coming soon! Heres why im selling it, basically i have some very nice rs friends and in total they have given me around 200m! I going to take that money and make a pure ranger 1 def 1 pray 99 range So i will not be needing this account anymore, i went on gold4rs and they quoted me at $20 i was like NO WAY! So i asked my friend where i could sell and he said to come here so here i am OK now to the best bit! ALL 20 DEF PURE QUESTS COMPLETE Stat picture: Uploaded with Items: (didnt touch my bank and i wont touch it because i cant be asked to xfer so 1m free for you guys!) Uploaded with Ok im not sure how things work here but ive heard some people have been scammed here so i will be only taking active members (the irony haha) heres the form! Email/ (please state): Cash offer: Any additional info:Don't Add [email protected] PP] Selling 2 tanks.T.O.C: - Will not go first, only to mod+. - Will not do 50/50. - You first, or vmm you pay the fees. The accounts: - Both created and only played by me. - Will give all info up on purchase. - Both have no e-mail/recovs set. - The second tank only had 1 password, and have never had recovs or e-mail. - I have no a/w's, just bid on me. Acc number 1: 99+2 tanker. Acc highlights: - Rfd up to rune gloves. - 98 range. Acc number 2: 81+0: Acc highlights: - Def almost fully quested. (Dragon slayer, between a rock, heroes, fremmy trials, nature spirit) Can get barrow gloves without leveling defence. - Close to handcannon. - Only lunar diplomacy left for veng. - 99 mage, 92 fm(Great for hc). - 71 Dung. Look in my signature for vouches, Greets.[PP]Level 67 99str gmauler BEASTHey guys im quitting this game finally so i am selling my account. It has DT done and rfd up to steel gloves. Here are stats: Uploaded with My is [email protected] Post here before adding please.99 mining//range tank-rsgpI will be selling this for RSGP ONLY! its an attempt to turn my low main into a range tank but I need RSGP! : [email protected] to do a Trade - Failed Zerk and 20 def pure!This is the 20 def pures stats, bank and quests, never had any black marks i dont think. 90% sure it hasnt. It's stats were built in a way taht once you hit the higher lv combat for pures, (using str to level cb) mage and range will hardly level you at all. It had 56 mage because i was hunting for 30m then i was gonna do questing ect and get 94 mage in one hit. But i can't be bothered. lol. It also has till 27th before the members runs out. Combat lv 76. Here is the failed zerk, it would be good to make into a main, it has never had any black marks either. Quests done are the basic quests, like monkey madness and dragon slayer. I was never really a quester. Any other info i forgot i will let you know in thread. Even though i'm new i can asure you i am 100% trustworthy, i know a scammer would say that but still. I'll go first aslong as i know you're trusted. I'm asking for a decent pure, with decent stats, 1 def. Maybe rsgp.Buying a pure 10M rsgp.Doesn't have to be amazinggg, just decent will do. Post here, as i am a newcomer and hence not very trusted i will go first if you can provide reputable vouches. I am vouched on NR (#1 private server) by 2 admins which can be found here: CLICK HERE FOR VOUCHES If you do not have vouches you will go first, seeing that i have vouches on another forum board by reputable sources. If you wish to use a OMM that is fine however i will NOT be paying for the fee or it will come out of your pay. Pictures are unnecessary unless i forum PM you asking for them, which simply means i'm interested. Post stats/Black marks/Quests and if it has recovery questions or registered email (No point lying as i will get you to send pics to me later or a OMM to verify it) Post here. NOTE: 1 DEFENCE IS A MUST, NO HIGHER ELSE DON'T BOTHER POSTING.
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