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    Selling must see lvl 96!!!!!!!im selling my lvl 96 with 7 99s!!!!!!! Agility, Smithing, Magic, Woodcutting, Fletching, Cooking and Firemaking. it also has 95 mining!!!! and 84 hunting. its total lvl is over 1780 total lvl. I AM NOT GOING FIRST! I WILL USE OMM OR YOU GO FIRST YOU HAVE TO PAY FEES FOR OMM. ALSO I AM ONLY TAKING RSGP NOTHING ELSE ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE REPORTED FOR SPAM. I WILL PROBABLY BE WORKING ON GETTING 99 MINING TOO. SO IT MIGHT BE AT 99 BY THE TIME I SELL IT I WILL KEEP IT UPDATED. Do not Spam my Thread Skills: Recoveries: Offences: EITHER TALK TO ME HERE OR ADD ME ON MY [email protected] or WTS Very Nice Zerker WTSW or WTSHey guys i have a really nice zerker im looking for start turmoil pure or a very nice initate pure. I will also selling this account for 45bucks rsgp for 80mill Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Email isnt mine but im changeing it to mine in 14daysAmazing account! 85 dung! has rapiersold.Selling ranger (1/99) (RSGP)Selling CB lvl 66, has 79 range and 99 fletching. About 13m in bank, I'm open to RSGP offers only!! i will remove recovery's once i find a buyer. we will be using MM or OMM, unless you look trusted. IM me on or PM on here thanks Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usselling lvl 81 cb starter zerk! :) ( 1 2)well basicly the account title says it all, ive had this account since easter 2007 and i havent played it for the past year. s1088.photobucket/albums/ ences.png s1088.photobucket/albums/ ences.png s1088.photobucket/albums/...rterzerker.png selling this ACCOUNT CHEAP! 94 Mage/ Decent Bank, P2P!SOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Selling Hybrid|94mage|80str|60attack|1def|1pray|1summoningHey, This is my account. Has monkeymadness + A bunch of other quests done. Account was done all by hand, no offenses. In the middle of removing recovery questions. Original owner will give all information I have on the account. Has zammy book aswell = 20m WILL ONLY TRADE WITH SOMEONE TRUSTED (50+ Vouches) WILL GO FIRST TO PEOPLE WITH 50+ VOUCHES. If you have less, your going first or paying OMM fees.[RSGP] 92 Pray+Curses! Fire Cape! 35Def 73m! FULLY QUESTED! 93str99mage99wc! [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey everybody im here to sell my pure! (Now has 93pray! 141k till 94!) I know this acc is 35def you can keep it this way or turn rune pure/zerk maybe main and be a beast! Notable Quests: Rune Mechanics (color Infinity) Dt MM Temple of Sennisten HFD All reqs/quests required for Korasi Fally Acheivment Diary 2 + many more!!! Notable stats: 80att 93str 99mage 99wc 92pray Rules to bid: I will NOT go first. I WILL provide all info. A/w: 180m Starting Bid:100m Heres pics: (Price did not include Blue Infinity) BANK IS CURRENTLY CLEANED DUE TO SCAMMER! IT STILL HAS F CAPE, SLAY HELM, FALLY SHILED 2, AND OTHER NON-TRADEABLES. HACKER ALSO GOT IT 36DEF.. Anyways happy bidding PM if interested!
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