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    [Rsgp]Looking for a decent range/tank 1-70defTitle says all. Paying with Rsgp.selling 1 def decent hybridselling 1 def hybrid for rsgp only i dont play on it anymore mine aswell sell it heres login details and bank stats full zammy book monkey madness done add me on [email protected] i will go first if your trusted if ur not then dont even bother asking Uploaded with Uploaded with[rsgp] Looking for a 90+str f2p pureTitle says all post here or pm me! edit 1def![RSGP]Small Account Shop[RSGP]As all of my following trades have been: Just looking for a quick-easy trade I'm original owner of all accounts. I will NOT go first under any circumstances. My ONLY is: [email protected] You must post here with your before you add me on . I know all recovs, and they will be provided, as well as emails changed. Listed prices are auto-win, I'm willing to negotiate. The only email login is account #2. Now that that is out of the way: Account #2 30m Account #3 25mBuying Grenwall FarmerRequirements are roving elves, 69 summoning, and 50+ hunter. Willing to buy 5-10 and offering more for multiple account sales at once. PM me please Will use mm if not trusted.[Paypal]Fully quested Turm Zerk, 1600+ total, 90+ Dung! [Paypal]Today/this week, I will be selling this Turmoil zerker account that I have spent quite a while making. I basically got cleaned, lost an ags with a d/c, lost two chaotics, a few whips, and a bunch of rune sets, which i why I'm selling. I'll be accepting paypal only, or the equivalent value in rsgp (60c/m)**. A MM/OMM will be used, free or not. I have never had recoveries on this account, and the email is being removed as i'm typing this. Account info: Dragon rfd gloves, as you can see in the picture, 150qp. All difficult quests done, turmoil, lunars. Two gravites, ccbow, tome, stream, vigour. Name is a nice spinoff of "Turmoil" , its not some ugly 1337 name. Not sure if it matters, but I've got a nice rep for "Honor" pking in w18 edge. Strength is 85+. Combat level: 98 + 7. **I do not accept swaps from anyone who I do not deem trusted, as in vouches, etc. Don't post a swap for any account over 31 prayer, an account that is not one defense, an account that has received a reset/ban, or an account that is not fully quested. My : [email protected] Post before you do anything else, thank youSelling Strength Pure 85 Str/77 Range 3 months of Mems [RSGP ONLY]He has over 20 QP of random pointless quests, almost all f2p quests done. 7k range guild tickets. 60 CB. He's a beast in F2P. Awesome account, I just don't want to play anymore. No recoveries 3 months of members on the account, just bought 2-3 days ago. Willing to use MM or OMM you pay fees. Only accepting RSGP. No a/w, no rush to sell. [email protected][RSGP] Level 77 Rune PureI am selling my Rune Pure for RSGP. Has great potential to be an awesome zerker. Some very good stats and no black marks, bans, mutes or anything. No specific price set, looking for any bids
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