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    Buying account up to $250 or 200M rsgpPost accounts here with please.... I want the account to have somewhat of a bank please. [email protected][RSGP] Cheap Level 74 Claw Prod [RSGP]Starting Bid: 25M Current Bid: Autowin: 55M 1. Quote: Originally Posted by Serozha vouch to mile-8 just sold him 2 upgrades, he went first things went smooth. 2. Quote: Originally Posted by Trioburrito gr8 sell I went first trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 3. Quote: Originally Posted by -cookies- Big vouch for Mile-8. Bought a pure off of him for 50m, I went FirstSelling PP lvl 65 99 mage/75 att/61 str/70range Questedyep.....95+9 zerker 8 99s 95 agility barrows gloves 1994 total vengWU OMM cool nameHey guys, I am having terrible luck pking on this account, too lazy to quest anymore, and im really dissapointed how 45 defence turned out Im going back to my pure account in hopes to enjoy pking again, if not ill quit all together. Its a beast account so its obvious i'm going to want alot, but seeing as how I am not that trusted on the site and want to sell quickly ill take the highest offers. starting price: 50m rsgp, 45$ western union I WILL NOT TAKE PAYPAL BECAUSE ITS A ******* SCAM I WILL ONLY USE OMM/ or a super Trusted MM heres the stats/quests etc 52 pray now, 1994 total lvl I WILL remove email and recovers when i have a serious buyer, not wasting my time if i dont need too, or i can give the info to the OMM[RSGP/PP] - 99 Mining MainHad this account for awhile now, looking to sell it for some RSGP or PayPal gift. RSGP is preferred. ** Contact : - [email protected] PM - sythe/private.php?do=newpm&u=171733 Looking forward to selling this, we will use OMM - or you can go first.[paypal]selling Level 95 With Santa[paypal]Selling my level 95 with over 70m cash and a Santa hat. A/W:$220 Starting bid:$150 You go first, or pay for trusted Middle Man. You may contact me at: [email protected] [''The Ultimate RS Private Server'']MightyScape MIGHTYSCAPE Dear Rs private server's players. I would like to introduce MightyScape! The server has been running for more then two years but it went down for a couple of months because jagex wanted to put us to court for it. The server is back up again and we are getting back our 500-600 players back and we just would like you to join and try it out![Trusted] Selling Good DDS/DScim Pure! [RSGP/Paypal]I am selling this pretty good dds/dscim pure! If I don't get close to what I have in mind I will not be selling at this moment. The account has NEVER been botted. All hand trained by me personally. About 600k in the bank. There are no email or recovery questions attached to the account, and there never have been. A/W : 12m [email protected] goodluck bidding.
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